Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Seasons" by Luci
Date :2/7

"Grandpa what's your favorite season?" A young boy asked of his grand father. The old man paused, "What is my favorite season?" What a intresting question, and one that isnt so easily answered the man thought.  Thinking about it the man said to his grandson, "all of them of course."  For not just one season is all bad or good.

"In the winter although cold, the snow over the forests make such a sight... as to take your breath away." He pointed out to the surrounding forests that were all around his little house. The boy noded, knowing exactly what he ment.  "In the summers however, nothing quite compares to the sun warm on your face." Looking up to the sky they could see the sun high above the trees  lighting the world.  The boy stretched his arms out and basked in the sunlight beaming down upon them both.

As they talked they started walking around the forest surronding there house.  The trees rustled in the light breeze swirling the leafs of all diffrent colors about.  The boy picked up a leaf and said "Fall is my favorite because of all the preety colors on the trees."  Nodding the old man smiled as he watched his grandson run through all the fallen leaf piles.

They came to a clearing after a little while of walking through the forest, where the flowers that were left were wilting as the winter was starting to approach.  Picking up a fower that was not quite dead yet he handed it to his grandson and said, "In spring the new flowers bloom filling the world with new life."
the grandson looked at the wilted flower and nodded.

Scratching his chin the oldman gave it a little thought before saying "All of the seasons are the best because, without one you would not apprciate the others."

After all, every season is a part of life.