Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"The Greatest Battle..." Sawl
Date :2/17
             The Greatest Battle I Have Ever Had

     It began in the dead of night. I had no idea the greatest battle I had endured was to begin that fateful night.

      I was at peace. My thoughts were rambling, perhaps a smile was crossing my face. Things had been going well. I had finally achieved a certain amount of contentment at my journey in life. Those things that had tormented me had abated, and I was certain that the road ahead would be downhill and calm. Little did I know that was all about to change.

     My first recollection was something brushing up against my arm. I turned quickly to try to ascertain what it was. I could see nothing. Then two quick brushes, followed by two more. Still I could see nothing.

      Now I was ready, coiled to spring at the next contact. It came quickly, grabbing my arm and pinning it close to my body. I rolled on the ground quickly trying to free my arm. Who could be behind this viscious attack? Why could I not see the person behind these viscious attacks. I yelled at them to show themselves so I could smite them down with a ball of fire, to no avail.

     The harder I fought the tighter my arms were wrapped around me. I fought harder to free my arms and finally got one arm free. Then I felt cloth over my face. They were trying to suffociate me! I clawed at the cloth over my mouth with my free hand while still rolling to free my other arm. It seemed like the more I fought the tighter the cloth was wrapped around my face. It was harder and harder to breathe and my strenght was waning. I had to get free or die to my unseen attacker.

    Summoning up all the strength I could, I grabbed the cloth from my face and rolled the opposite way to finally free myself.
I lay there, sweat rolling from my brow, trying to control my breathing. Then I heard her voice.

    "Honey!" "Wake up, You've been fighting your blankets again."