Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"**The Goat's Year**" By Sengsu
Date :2/18
**The Goat's Year**

    All the animals had been preparing for months.  The big day was right around the corner.  Pig had been swelling up with an overactive ego since putting on the tiara last winter.  

    Chicken's coup was as clean as she could keep it.  Her eggs all lined up neatly in a row.  Beaver's dam was nice and secure holding back a surefire flood from overtaking Farmer's land.  Horse had even brushed his mane and coat to a sheer perfection.  They all rested up for the big day ahead.

    Goat was too busy eating the grass to do much else.  He went about his merry way, chewwing and chewwing.  The farmer was to arrive shortly.

  "You are wasting your time on the ground," screamed Chicken, but Goat was oblivious, continuing his grazing.

    Farmer's wagon started to approach from the west, the setting sun maknig only a silohuette visiable, but all the animals knew it was him.

    A second wagon could be seen trailing the Farmer's but nothing could be made out for it it belonged to.

 "NEIGH!" screamed Farmer, as his wagon came to a rest aside the chicken coup.

    All the animals scurried back to thier homes, eagerly anticipating a new king or queen.  But the goat just kept at the grass around the barnhouse.

   Farmer walked back to the second wagon to meet with a dark shape that exited it.

  "Should be enough to last you until the spring, I'd say" the second man said spitting out bai touy.

  "But keep the goat, he seems to be the only one making the Farmhouse look halfway decent."

  The second man walked back to his wagon, reaching into the back, pulling out a rather large axe and skinning knife.

  "Yep plenty enough to last until spring," he sadi one last time, walking towards the barn, tools at his side.