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Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"This is a story about love" by InnerRage
Date :4/1
<b>This is a story about love.

You see, love is and always be around us. All it takes is the perfect moment, that one moment, to truly see the glory of love.

Ann Hee is just an ordinary peasant girl. Her daily routines involve helping out her father to deliver fresh produce to the market to sell and then she'd return home before its dark to prepare dinner for her father. Ann Hee's mother passed away when she was born.

One day, a strange event occured while she was on her way to the market. The wheel from her cart struck a rock and bent. Frustrated, she hurriedly went to a nearby house for help and to her surprise, her cart was already fixed when she returned. She noticed a letter stuck to her cart wishing her a good journey.

Since that day, she began to notice more mysterious help whenever she is in trouble and a letter is always left behind afterwards. Sometimes meals are secretly prepared and her leaky roof was magically fixed. Whenever her father fell ill, she will find her cart already loaded with produce.

Overtime her feelings of gratitude turn into affection towards this mystery man. She fell for the sincerity of his action as he never ask anything from her but yet he keeps on showering her with attention and help. Ann Hee kept all the letters and read them all again and again hoping to find any clues on his identity. However he is very elusive. He leaves no footmark, clues or hints.

One night, during full moon. Ann Hee pretends to sleep while keeping a close watch at her window. She was pleasantly surprised to see a shadowy figure dropping a letter at her window. Determined to meet him, she chases him to an open field and scream at him, telling him to wayt. The shadowy figure stopped.

As she approaches him, it suddenly gets dark and rain starts to pour from the sky. As soon as she wipes the first few droplets off her face, she realizes that the man is gone. Feeling hopeless, she returns home. She goes to her room and open todays letter.

The letter says:

Dear Ann Hee,
Please do not follow me. We are not meant to be together. You see, you are a reincarnation of the love that I lost in my previous life. My heart is filled with so much regret that my soul is forever bound to the land of the living.

I have watched over you and your previous reincarnations. I promise you my dear, that I will always stay by your side until...death do us part. I will watch over you, protect you from harms way while you live your life.

I am nothing but a shadowy figure you can see only during the time where moon shines the brightest.
Yours always
After reading this letter, tears start running down her cheek. She now knows that she can never be united with her precious savior. This man has loved her for centuries and has watched over her many lives. She stared longingly towards the full moon thinking even though she can?t see him; he is always there just like the moon.

 You see the moon is always round in shape and shines very brightly. However, we need to be at the right place and at the right time to be able to see it in its entirety. One missed moment and you are likely to be only be able to see half moon or crescent moon, or even nothing, but you can be sure that the moon is there and you just need to find the right momen

Much like his love, he exists everywhere around Ann Hee, but she needs to be at the right moment to be able to see him.
Love is not something you could force, not something you need to try to obtain. It's already there, open your eyes, and seize the moment, maybe the love of your life is already right next to you.

** Ann Hee is not an existing names or character

<b> InnerRage