Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Living in paradise" by Panchos
Date :4/16
" Living in paradise " Im sure this is just a dream. I wish It was reality as I have been seeking this now for many years.

Maybe I dont deserve to find such a place many people would say. You see I am a pirate now but I was not born into piracy it was a life I chose.

It all started when I was a young lad, My home village was attack by a pirate invasion.My family was killed and all was destroyed. I was away from the village at the time. I was seeing to the live stock on our farm.

When I returned home amongst the destruction I found a parchment. It must of been dropped by one of the pirates. When I read this it was a map, not a treasure map. It was a map of a land this land was called Enlooda. This was a map which lead me to the home land of all the pirates.

I studied this map every night for many years I knew every inch of ot, every detail. When I was about 17 years old I was walking past a tavern and inside was a group of men looking for crew members. These where the some of the meanest looking men you would find in the lands. So i sneaked in and I signed up.

That was it I was upon a pirate ship. I start just mopping the deks at first but over the years I worked my way through the ranks. After just a few short years I was the captains right hand man and had gained the mens trust. I needed my own ship for what I was planning.

MUTINY this is what my plan was and I had told the men so many lies to achieve this I even started believing them myself. I started adding a leathel poison into the captains wine. Not enough to kill but to keep him sick for months inside hes cabin. I told the men the captain had caught scurvey and would spread it if we did not get rid of him. They believed me so lets just say the captain I hope could swim very well as he was walked off the plank and into the ocean.

I now have my own ship and I am on my way to Enlooda. I have done some terrible things on my way. I have killed without care. I am a murderer a leather ruthless murderer. I have amounted a vast amount of gold I am the captain of of pirate ship with 100 men.

I am on a journey to find Enlooda this journey is not to live amongst these men.My journey to find the men each and everyone of them who attack my own village and more than anything I will find the men who killed my parents. When I accomplish this task I will then be living in paradise......