Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Nuisance" By Jera
Date :5/9
It was a dark, typical night for Girl as she walked about her lair. The place was so drab and dreary that she rarely had a visitor. At the kitchen table she sat flipping through her book of recipes, when she heard a rap on the old, wooden door. "Who could that be?" she wondered to herself. Girl closed her book and placed it back on the shelf. "I am coming!!" she yelled.

She muttered to herself the whole way to the door. The door opened a few inches when she saw Boy. He was standing in the cold, wet to the bond and shivering furiously. "Can you help me please?" he spoke with a stutter. Girl looked him up and down with judgement in her eyes. "I guess I can help you, but if you annoy me then out the door you go." she said spitefully. Boy nodded gently, "I promise."

With a huff and a puff, Girl opened the door reluctantly. She led Boy down a corridor to the sitting area. "I cannot offer you anything to drink. I only have one cup and it is mine" she said with a sneer. "What do you need help with?" Boy smiled and spoke in a sassy way, "I just needed to win a bet. My buddies said you would not open the door for me because you were an evil witch." Girl's jaw dropped to the floor. Boy continued to speak, "Well I won the bet, so I guess I will be on my way." Girl tried to harness her anger, but it was pointless. "You are nothing but an annoyance. I will teach you and your buddies a lesson. Do not mess with evil witches because they do bite." The fire in her eyes ignited and Boy's world went dark.

Some say Girl made a recipe especially for Boy and his buddies... and they were never seen again. All I know is it was rumored to be called "Nuisance Pie".

~ Jera ~
~ Muse of Whimsicality ~

Girl is a Muse Legend Name
Boy is a common name