Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"What if" by Avathian
Date :5/29
  "What if.... what if I'd been born without a hand, in a time or place in a different land... what the.. bloody... I'm rhyming again.." He set down the long indigo ostrich feather quill, a treasured gift from a dear friend, hand dyed in his favorite color. Dark obsidian gloves rubbed at the line in his forehead before moving down to the bridge of his nose.
     "Martha, dear? are you certain there was only honey in that honied tea?" Smooth baritone flowed like velvet as he spoke, calling out to his secretary. When no response came, he lifted his violet gaze from the aged parchment on the finely crafted oaken desk. "Martha?" He hedged a quiet inquiry again. When again there was no reply, he got up from the tall onyx leather wing back chair.
     Around the richly stained wood of his hand carved desk, and three smooth strides across imported rug from Han, woven with Nagnang?s beautiful purples, into an elegantly styled calligraphy letter N. Pushing open his office door, he looked out to find not his caring sweet secretary, but several darkly clad roguish looking men!
     Though they were masked, the eyes told all. Behind those coverings they were smiling with malicious glee. "Oh merciful heavens please do not kill me!" He frowned. "Wonderful.. I'm rhyming with my own narrative monologue.."
     The men glanced at each other quite confused, when one of them stepped forward and said "Listen yous!" But he held up a gloved hand and halted the man in his tracks. "No no, look. If this story is going to go on, I absolutely must insist on no more Rhyming! Seriously, if it keeps up, I am quitting and you will be without a story! is that clear?!"
     The vandals cast nervous looks around the room, was this guy for real? Who was rhyming? Had he lost his mind? Had they come to the wrong place? They were certainly starting to think they had, but he held up a hand and as he seemed to think.
    "Right, where were we? Ah yes.." He cleared his throat, and again put up his hands. "Oh merciful heavens I've done nothing wrong! Please please don?t kill me!"
    This seemed to throw the men for a loop. Had this man?s chickens flown the coop?
    "I said no Rhyming!!" He huffed with an angry growl. "That's it I'm leaving!" He announced with a scowl, and out the window he did fly! Hey! wait someone stop that guy!! I can't finish the story if the main character leaves!! How does one even begin, let alone add a middle an end?! Oh darn it would seem the story is done..
    And that my friends is what happens, if the character takes over!

<b>The name Martha is not an existing/existed Character.
Martha is NPC

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