Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"During a walk through Buya" Revelation
Date :5/31
The Wandering Monk

Too often I say that we overlook the niceties of our lands. I have seen lands both well and poorly managed and each deserves respect, even more so considering their history. There are far too many young and old who are oblivious to the reasoning of our present condition. The lands were not always so well established or even peaceful.  I recount the days of my youth and many wanderings.  I look back in retrospect and recall upon a time of a vivid depiction that I care to share.

Alas, I had no idea of the things to come but such is youthful way. One day I was given to travel through the wilderness where I came across a tint like structure. I was intrigued by the development I found in the middle of nowhere and could not resist venturing in.  To my amazement I discovered a beautiful establishment therein but it remained somewhat unoccupied aside from a few words from a green squirrel.

I was surprised to say the least by my findings but rather tired from my journey so I decided to take up rest. I awoke at the sound of the stream flow being interrupted. A man accompanied me now by the river banks and was attempting to fill a woven basket. I question the logic of his actions because the water simply flowed through the basket, therefore he would never truly obtain any.

I offered him my drink and he accepted my kindness. We exchanged names and he informed me that I had found the Trapper's Paradise. A place a band of rangers called their home. After developing familiarity with him I felt comfortable enough to ask him what he was hoping to accomplish by trying to fill the basket in the stream.

He said "Filling the basket was not my goal, I come here to fill the water with the basket as the river flows such is life. You may stretch hands out to grasp a thing but you never truly have it. Let say perhaps you possess it for while but soon it will return unto the land when you take to eternal sleep." I was pleasantly surprised and nodded my head in agreement because the man I mistook a fool was actually quite wise.

Nevertheless I had come far from my home in Dae shore so I thanked him for his company and continued on my journey.  He provided good news of a village nearby where I could take up refuge at an inn.  He also informed me that a peace treaty was just signed and after I discovered that the war had ended I was rather curious to visit the Buyan empire.  I arrived to southern Buya passing through the wilderness valley; I paused at the gates before knocking to admire the intricate details of the doorway.

Behind the gates rested a fully armored man, perhaps he was unaware of the peace treaty. He barked from behind the door asking me what my business was here to which I replied that I was a wandering Monk and meant him no harm. I could sense reluctance within him so I informed him I could offer coin in exchange for entry.

Suddenly the doors burst open and I was welcomed like a brother. I paid the man a few thousand gold bars and he instructed me where I could find the nearby inn. I walked in to the inn and was greeted by the inns keeper; she was pleasant and told me I could stay here for free.  I asked her which direction I could find the palace and she informed me to head north.

But my clothing was accustomed to monks so in fear of drawing too much attention I left them with the innkeeper and threw on some peasant clothes. I spent many days appreciating the land and visiting the palace. I even visited all of the different shops also. All of the people I encountered were so kind and friendly. Much different to what we have nowadays.

I fear I have rambled on long enough maybe my point be missed. But I would encourage all of you to learn the history of your homeland. Perhaps this will change your negative outlooks and cause you to appreciate what you have. Surely as I do now during a walk through Buya.

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