Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"No more hibernating for me"
Date :6/24
   No more hibernating for me

Wow how warm and soft. these were my first thoughts as I opened my eyes for the first time. cuddled up to my sister I could feel the warmth from her body. The heat from our bodies had melted the frost from beneath us. I was cosy, content with my self.
 The early spring sun was shinning through the cave entrance. I could see a large dark figure coming towards me and my sister. It laid down beside us and instantly I knew that this large furry creature was actually my mum. She would lay with us and feed us over the next couple of months until we were old enough to step outside the cave.
A few months later me and my sister stepped outside our cave and it was an extremly frightening experience. Birds were singing, animals were dashing through the bushes. All the animals seemed nervous but not me and my sister our first instincts were to play. So the first thing I did was grab her around her neck and throw her to the ground. I gave out a growl which shocked me as id never heard myslef growl before. My sister returned the favor by jumping on me and let me tell you she was getting heavy.
My mother led me and my sister away from the cave and we was heading somewhere I didnt know where and I wernt asking questions. It was instinct the was taking over as if I knew I had to follow. We come to a stream which was fast flowing and the water was lashing against the rocks. My mother put her claws in the water and with one big swipe she brought out a fish. I couldnt believe what I just watched.
She threw the fish onto the floor infront of me and my sister. We just looked at it wierd we did not know what to do with it. I swiped at it and she swiped at it. we were just batting it to eachother. My mother come over and took a bite out of it, We copied her and wow how tasty. Now it has been six months since that day but that fish I can still taste it now. this was the day my mother taught me how to fish.
My mother taught me alot in my first year of being here. she taught me how to be a true Bear and she did a great job I was strong, healthy and man of the cave. I was still a young cub but thought I knew it all. As the winter was drawing in Something inside of me knew I was getting weak. And would need to sleep soon. My mother made me fish extra time to get more protien and fatten me up for the long winter ahead.Soon Asleep we all fell.
One day or night I cannot really rember it but I woke up because of a noise coming from outside the cave. My mother and sister did not hear it. They both stayed asleep. I being that I was the man of cave headed outside to see what was going on. The ground was coverd in white cold stuff, I tasted this but had no taste only of water. Anyway I got behind a bush as I notice some strange looking animals coming towards me.
 These hairless creatures we standing on two feet. They had long stick with shiny pointed things on the top. I wanted to see what they were doing but as I went towards them they threw a stick at me. A few of them chased me deeper into the bushes. I was scared I waited until they had gone and headed back to my cave. My mother and sister had gone. All I found was red suff all over the cave floor and walls. I searched for them all through the forest and yelled for them. I was alone and I was cold .
Now I am an adult myself I have two cubs of my own. I will never take that long sleep throught the winter. I let my wife and children take thier sleep as this is what bears do. I have learnt to ignore my animal instincts and watch over my Wife and kids all night. I will never let anyone catch me sleeping.