Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Kingdom's Virtue" by Bezsyn
Date :7/2
Kingdom's Virtue

In the center of a Kingdom, lies a hollow heart.  One filled only with the hopes and dreams of it's citizens.  Upon this heart filled with the pride of it's nation lay it's virtue.

A woman who had lived her entire life within the brick walls of the city, travelled daily to the palace.  Everyone who walked past her turned their noses up at her, because of the stench that wafted into their noble noses.

She was a poor woman, but her heart was solid gold.  She walked the same path, each day, and carried with her the waste of her livestock.  Whether it was cow, pig or her chickens.  She brought it to the palace each day.  The guards heckled her each day, but she just smiled at them each time she passed.  Sometimes she would knit them mits or scarves to keep warm in the snowy days.  

What did she do in the palce with a bunch of worthless waste?  She placed it into the royal gardens.  She would bring worms to help till up the earth.  And upon the gardens grew the largest and most lush flowers.  Dignitaries from other nations sought the gardeners secrets, and he would sell them information for coins to line his pockets.  He didn't know why his flowers were better than anywhere else.  He just basked in the glory of the work of the old woman.

And then one Spring morning, the guards did not see the woman.  They at first were relieved to avoid the stench.  But by noon they began to worry.  It had been so many years that the woman had came by, that they had grown accustom to seeing her.  One particular guard, began to trace back the steps, and had to ask people which way the 'Stinky Woman' came from.  

Finally he came upon a hut, barely standing, and livestock loudly discontent.  He could not find the woman.  Someone finally peaked out of their window and informed the Guard that the woman had passed in the night, but had no family.  The Guard began to feed the animals and then collected their leavings.  And began to trek back to the Palace.  

He began this trek every morning and returned every evening to feed the livestock.  As new recruits came into the Guard, he would train them to help.  So much that they became known as the 'Stench Guard'.  

But no matter, the one Guard's desire to honor the old woman who gave so much to her nation, made her memory live on in those Gardens.  Even to this day, you can wander the palace steps in the morn and smell the offerings of the Stench Guard.

Written by: Bezsyn