Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"My own angel" By Enko
Date :7/16
<b> My angel~

   It was a normal bright and sunny afternoon when I found myself on a pleasant stroll through the Islets, the birds singing in melodious harmony, the rabbits hopping about while the squirrels run about gathering their acorns. I had just come from the Treehouse where I had taken a long but much needed rest after a hunting adventure, freshly awoken when I found myself in need of a good walk. As I walked about by my lonesome, or what I thought was me in my lonesome, not a worry in the world, smile on my face whistling along with Nature's song, around the corner she had then come.

    Her long brown hair was tied up with a cute little pink tye,
long elegant rose coloured dress, sparkling and riveting, I found my eyes drawn to her unable to free them. The way she walked was like a flower flowing in the wind, her dress dragging behind lifting up flower pedals as she floated along. Though she did not wear a smile across her face, all to impossible not to notice might I add. While all these things ran through my mind, enchanted by her exquisite beauty, I was in awe. The distance between us walking had dramatically closed, and I found myself near passing her as we walked in the opposite direction. The people you encounter often hold the potential to drastically change the direction your life flows in, sometimes for the worse, often times for the better. My encounter with this most beautiful of beauties held only momentary value of such, it was as if a Deja Vu, like I had seen her before, knew her before, a long lost love from a life long past.

   Nearer and nearer we drew to eachother and under the sounds of the birds singing and the leafs rustling about in the wind, a faint humming I could hear resonating from her, closer and closer, as the moment came when we had walked past eachother, that fated moment, the humming transformed into words..

"A faint clap of thunder,
Clouded skies,
Perhaps rain will come.
If so, will you stay here with me?"

  These words ran deeper than any words before. I was struck with emotions that were incomprehensable to me. I could not describe it. It reminded me that though on the sunniest of days I found myself in the most beautiful places, I was truly, at that moment, alone but Lo - she happened. Why did she have to happen?

  I had come to a complete stop in my tracks, a typhoon of emotions and thoughts swirling about in my head, I stopped to look up to the sky through the trees. The rays of sun splashing down upon me, a bird flies over, I held my chin up high, took a deep breathe and turned around to call out something, anything! but just like that - she was gone. The sounds of birds and crickets grew louder than before as I stood there lost in wonder, she had disappeared as if never there at all. Her words still resonating in my head, left me in a standing daze unsure of what to do next or where to go.  

"Perhaps rain will come, if so, will you stay here with me?"

  I quickly found myself praying for the rain to come. How odd of a thing to pray for, for the sun-lit beautiful Islets to experience the downpoor of rain and thunder. It seems backward but it seemed neccessary but my desires had grown into such temptation I couldn't resist.

   Moments of silence had past before I brought myself back into reality and soon after then my stroll to the music of the birds had resumed but I prayed.. prayed to one day see her again

- Enko.                                                   <3