Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"First encounter with spirits" By Mysti
Date :7/25
First encounter with spirits

"What is it you seek from me today young one? I'm quiet busy usually and I only made the effort to see you because you said it was important..."
A trembling young woman sat before the shaman, she looked quite pale and coughed heavily wrapped in a pale pink kimono and an extra blanket even though
the cold winds did not blow.  Softly she spoke, barely above a whisper the words coming from her lips took more effort than should be required.

" I've seen many doctors, many healers and I have no more strength to continue on.." She exhaled heavily and whimpered softly at the old shaman
who had been puffing upon his Herb pipe. "Please help.. I beg of you these.. creatures.. these things they torment me! I beg of you please make them stop!!"
The shaman raised an eyebrow remaining calm and collected as he observed the woman carefully with a stern violet coloured gaze.

 "Is this your first encounter with these "creatures" miss?" stressing the creatures a little to much for the guardians taste the attendants snickered quietly under his breath. "Heh heh.. The young miss is a little "sick" sir. Much more sick than a healer can deal with I think."

Spoke the heavyset man, dressed in fine clothing it looked as if had been well off from tending this sick girl one might surmise. "Personally I think the young
miss has become sick of the mind, It tends to run in the family I'm afraid. Her mother was like that too as she got older."

The shaman simply nodded though his gaze upon the attendant was cold, and the tone icy as he spoke up. "I'm afraid she isn't simply sick of the mind, this is something beyond what normal medicine or healers could treat."

The young lady trembled and whimpered speaking up again through them, "I.. at first I just thought I was seeing things, maybe hearing noises.. but now I hear voices that
tell me I should hurt others.. Please I beg of you make them stop..." she gasped and she held her body, becoming ill as she fell backwards into her cushion looking pale.

"Th.. they appeared when I was little, and I've done my best to ignore it. Mother said they were just imaginary.." She whimpered again to the shaman who looked to be deep in thought, taking another puff off an herb pipe again. He looked upon the girl and smiled lightly, "I believe I can treat what ails you, but there is something you must do for me in return." The young lady turned her head to him and whimpered speaking up, "I will pay any price you ask! Please, please make them stop!"

"Do not regret your decision later then, young woman. For this is a path I shall teach you to walk upon your own to feet as your Dohsas."
She gulped lightly and trembled at such thoughts as the shaman began to chant strange words, shaking a spirit rattle over the blazing camp-fire.
His uttering were not of a tongue either understood, and white hot glowing wisps began to rise from the woman and around her hissing and screaming, "Krrraahyyhh!"

The shaman increased the volume of his chanting until it grew louder, the wisps trying to fight against the shaman by charging but they bounced off of him as
if he had an invisible barrier of some sort guarding his very being. "Foolish are your actions. Sleep now and calm yourself!" he chanted loudly again and the
screams and hisses of the spirits would slowly die away as the wisps faded back into nothingness.

"This is your last day as a young woman, and your first as my student.."
A woman lifted her head from under a hood, long blonde hair bounced out and curled per usual. She looked around the camp fire an exhaled softly, "That was my first encounter
with spirits so long ago when my Dohsas saved me." She smiled warmly as she seemed to be sharing a story with a small audience gathered about the camp fire's flames.