Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Nature is full of beautiful moments" by PeaceWithin
Date :7/31
<b>Nature is full of beautiful moments.

Human tend to get blinded by ambitions and desires. We are spoilt by our inventions and we cannot see the marvel of nature and the true potential within ourselves.

A young hunter, Pan Hul, is on a mission to find the mythical golden rabbit. It is said that the golden rabbit often appear in the wilderness just before sundown before retreating to the depth of the wilderness. Pan Hul prepared his finest blade, hunting shoes, and enough supply to last him one full night. This is just going to be a short mission, he thought.

He arrives early and starts camping in the nearby bushes. To his surprise, just before the sunset, not one but a bunch of golden rabbits appear. Excited for the big catch, he decided to leave his supply behind so that he can be nimble to catch a few rabbits. He jumps out of his hiding spot for his first catch, but misses. The rabbits are fast. He quickly recovers and run for the other nearby rabbit but they all scatter back deep into the wilderness. Deciding not to go home empty handed, the young hunter dashes into the wilderness following one of the rabbits with a chipped ear.

It is already dark when he realizes that he can no longer see the golden rabbit. He stops, takes a few breaths and turns to make his way back. However he has ventured too deep and now it's too dark to find his way back. Pan Hul starts to feel something he never felt before, fear. He is stranded deep in the wilderness without any food supply. All he has is his blade, against any dangerous creature that may lurk in the wilderness.

Pan Hul starts to increase his pace; he tries to find a way out of the forest but to no avail. He can barely see in the dark as he trips many times on tree branches. Feeling hopeless, he stops and sits with his back against a tree, clutching his blade. He can hear the wolves howl in the distance and even the slightest rustle of the leaves makes his heart jumps. Pan Hul stays still for hours while keeping an eye on his surrounding.

Just when the fear and hunger are starting to wear him down, he sees a glimpse of light fluttering about. He stares for a while and realizes those are the lights from fireflies. The beautiful hypnotizing lights calm his heart. Suddenly he remembers that fireflies usually live on wet areas, near a lake or a river. His throat is parched dry and the idea of finding fresh water excites him. Mustering up his courage, he walks to where the fireflies are and finds a river. The fresh water replenishes his strength and courage.

With a clearer mind, Pan Hul decides to wait by the river until morning comes. Feeling energized, he lay down and looked up to the sky. His heartbeat slows down, he starts to feel calmer. His eyes starts to adjust to the darkness, he is now able to get a decent glimpse of his surroundings. He can feel the cool comforting breeze from the wind as he regain his senses. All of sudden he is startled by something that moves in the grassy field nearby.

With valor, the young hunter approaches the grassy field. There he sees a normal rabbit with a chipped ear chewing on his supply bag. Only then Pan Hul realizes that the golden rabbit is just a myth. They are nothing but ordinary rabbit that appeared golden due to the orange hue of sunray at sunset.

He picks up his supply bag and heads home. Empty handed, but full of experience,
We tend to have this petty arrogance that we are better, better than nature, better than anything. In fact, we are nothing but a small part of nature. Our tools, our mind and body are not meant to fight nature. It is meant to make us adapt better with nature. In prospect of death, all we can see is negativity but once we rid ourselves of those thoughts we can see that in fact, nothing is out to get us. Hope comes not from the outside, but from within ourselves, from being in the moment and absorbing the surrounding

** Pan Hul is not an existing chararacter and names