Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Fire and Ice " by Sanoki
Date :8/7
  During the Reign of Yuri, a legend told by only the bravest
of warriors was spread throughout the lands. It was spec-
ulated that a legendary sword was able to be crafted by one
of the most skilled Blacksmiths known - his location? Deep
within the marshlands of KaMing's Encampment. Many traveled
far and wide in search of this blacksmith, to only find that
the ingredients needed to craft this sword were costly; The
heart of a dreaded Ice beast, rumored to be one of the
strongest foes in existence.

   If successful, a sabre made with the purest of frost could
be honed and fastened into a mighty blade; The Frost Sabre.
But I am not here to speak of the legendary sword itself, but
rather the beast. Many seem to pay a keen mind to his heart,
negligent of the history behind it and how such a creature
came to be. Listen closely, for this lost legend will make
you think twice before confronting such a beast.

  During the rise of the kingdoms, it was commonplace for
royalty to own mistresses. As such, royal concubines lay
strewn throughout the palace. Treated more fair than village
folk, women turned a blind eye to this, albeit reluctantly.
It was one woman however, who grew jealous of her suitor's
many women, and in spite, resorted to magics most foul. The
names of these two individuals have been lost to time, so
 for now, we shall name them MadamIdea and ChuangPoo.

   It was high noon and all had gone according to plan. The
royals gathered quietly in their chambers however ChuangPoo
kept a fair distance from the meeting; for he held a deep
secret of his own; He was a Geomancer. While it wasn't out-
lawed for a Geomancer to be a part of the royal court of
any kingdom, it was still forbidden to attain any militant
ranking at the time; such as a soldier or otherwise, thus
it was even frowned upon to be wed to such an individual.

  ChuangPoo instead found peace in courting women from the
barracks - fierce, noble women with quite the mean streak,
which is where MadamIdea came in. The two were madly in love,
irrevocably spellbound by one another, and even planned to
elope and leave the kingdoms behind, but that destiny would
be cut short by yet another concubine who went by the name
of KenZo. A pretty butch name if you ask me.

  ChuangPoo had made a terrible mistake crossing paths with
such a burly woman. KenZo was strong, very strong, and when
MadamIdea gained wind of this kindling love affiar, she
 swore revenge. After storming out of the palace, MadamIdea
retreated far into the recesses of the wilderness, enlisting
the help of ChuangPoo's own family; The Geomancers.

  After pleading for what seemed an entire moon, a particular
Geomancer agreed to assist the concubine, a mighty mage well
versed in Wu Xing magics; more specifically, water. Her name?
Glacier. With the two joined in hands, they gathered strong
energies, tapping deep into both shar and sheng Qi. A few
chants, along with the assistance of nearby nature, it was
done. ChangPoo's very own heart had froze into ice, causing
the very veins within his body to halt.

   In fear, he retreated from the palace and took to the
highlands, in which MadamIdea and Glacier pursued. Once
ChuangPoo was spotted, Glacier sundered the very ground
between himself and MadamIdea, spewing lava from the core
of the earth, trapping him and preventing him from ever
stepping foot near the kingdoms again.

   In his pleading moments, MadamIdea refused to listen,
instead cursing him into immortality. For his own
body would be scorched in finality a thousand times over,
should he dare step into the lava. That is the forgotten
legend of the royal and the concubine; ChuangPoo's own heart
now serving as a weapon against all, chilling their foes
to the very bone with his callous and cold decisions in life.

  The moral? Never cross paths with butch warrior women, as
it may spell your doom.