Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Crazy tale" By Azeldi
Date :8/14
- The crunch in footsteps -

Crunch, Crunch...
Everyday, everybody, we make a 'crunch' in our footsteps. Acorns are everywhere. But did you know? There were days when you couldn't hear any crunch at all. What happened?

Walsuk is our beloved innkeeper who served for decades since King Yuri. She keeps our valuable belongings safe in the drawers next to her, and counts all of our money exactly to one penny. Also just as we needed, she sells and buys items, makes Walsuk's Special for Taik Pae... She works very diligently for the kingdom. We cannot imagine a single day without her.

While the Kingdom was in peace with all her hard work, nobody noticed a dark power sneaking in. One morning, we woke up in the Walsuk's inn per usual and got ready for the day.
We asked her to give us back our deposited weapon. She gave it back to us. We bought some wine. She took our money and gave us the wine. We asked her to give us back our money and she did just that. But..but ..she didn't count. She started to give as much money as we asked for even when we didn't have that much money in our account. Everybody asked her for money. Thousands..millions... she easily gave us all the money we asked for...seems like she had lost any ability to count.

At first, with all the money we were given, we were happy and started buying all the items we wanted and enjoyed the day. They bought all the expensive items, which they would have never been able to get and threw all the expensive items onto the street. People went crazy with all the money.

The next day, we asked her for more money and she continued to give us all the money we asked for. But people stopped selling their prizes from their hunt. We couldn't buy the items for spells and quests, and even couldn't replace our broken weapons. Everybody had money but nobody was able to buy anything that was neccesary for their daily lives.

What should we do.......? We were scared. We gathered in front of the palace and waited for King Yuri's message all night long. We could hear the argument between councils from outside. We stood there and waited for longer and longer.....

Finally, the door opened. The highest council appeared and started reading the King's scroll. It was crazy enough. Monetary reform but everybody can have only 1,000 coins!

Party ended. We had to work hard for money. There was nothing on the street, not a single acorn to be seen. We couldn't crunch them in our footsteps.

It begun with joy but ended with pain. Paying for irresponsible citizens bring us back to our newbie times starting with an acorn.

Now I can hear a crunch from outside while I am writing and it makes me thankful.

Oh...What happened to Walsuk? She was cured and we realized it was too much work for her. We started to visit another inn so Ginger and Bamboo could share her burden.