Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"My Favorite Dragon Boss" by Nubbitron
Date :8/25
The Dog Guardian had given me a quest to prove my allegiance to his faction. Among other various bosses, I am tasked to destroy a Dragon boss. This didn?t seem like a difficult task at the time. However, in all my previous trials, I had never experienced the Second Dragon Cave.

To the left of me, my love, a poet. To the right, some guy, a rogue. A poet, rogue and warrior. We should be able to handle this challenge. My hands were a little sweaty as I take grip of my spike and scoop my brass shield into my other hand. I thought to myself "I've never even seen this boss, I feel a bit nervous about this one." However, as I took my first step into the cave, I remember my warrior training and I only felt rage against the dragons.

As we ventured through the cave, I bashed various dragon's heads in with my spike, crushing them all as we went. The Second Dragon Cave didn't seem too tough. My love replenishes my life and protects me from major harm, while the rogue nimbly eliminates his targets. We seemed to make great progress through the cave until we passed a sign that read "Dragon's Mist."
That is when I saw my target. The Beast towered over me. It must have been ten times the size of a man. The beast was plated with a black and grey enormous suit of rediculous armor. Armor so thick as if The beast's incredible brown scale's weren't enough to protect him. I wondered to myself "How many great warriors like myself could a boss like this eat and still have room for the rouge!? How many adventures like myself has this boss actually slain in its lifetime?"

My thoughts are interrupted as the rogue disappeared in a flash and suddenly reappeared on the other side the cave near The Beast. The rogue shouts "KA~!" and attacks The Beast! While moving into position to attack, I wonder to myself "Perhaps the rogue see's some vulnerable spot in The Beast's mighty armor." As I thought this, the rogue began to shovel bear livers into his mouth. The Beast responded to the rogue's attack with one of his own. A mighty sweep from his right set of claws across the rogue's face. The rogue flung straight into a wall. Landing on the ground, a pool of liquid formed around the rogue. Dead instantly. "I guess The Beast didn't like that very much!" I thought to myself, "I wonder why The Rogue Guild never took that rogue out back and shot him with a poison dart a long time ago. Hmm, that pool of liquid around the rogue's corpse doesn't appear to be blood."

I tell myself "Get your head back in it! Stay focused!! How did that rogue eat so many bear livers so fast? This isn't time for lollygagging or you're next!!!"

I dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge many attacks. I manage to land many fierce blows against The Beast and he lands some on me. With sweat dripping from my forehead, I look to my love. I could tell she was getting tired. A poet can only heal so much. But I can tell that The Beast is tired too. Then something changed.

The Beast begins to spew fire and death. It let out a fierce -ROAAAARRRR!!- I raised my brass shield to protect myself from the inferno. With fire all around me, my mind begins to drift again. "I wonder if that roar was loud enough to wake the dead! How cool would that be?!" With much excitement and anticipation I look at the rogue's corpse. Its arm twitches a bit. "Nope, still very dead."

The sound of thunder gets my attention back into the fight. My love now has the full attention of The Beast. His back is turned to me, I know this is my chance to end the fight. I take a step back. Shouting "Sa-AAA~~!" as I leap into the air with my spike raised far above my head. My attack falls heavy onto the back of The Beast's head.

Nearly crushing my love, The beast lands on his chest with an epic *THUD!* However, standing over him, I know that I am victorious. The spoils of the battle is my reward. After the rogue?s resurrection, I decide to harvest only The Beast's liver for my trophy.