Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Point of no return" by Crum
Date :9/1
 - No going back -

 T'was a gloomy night when I set out of on my journey, dark and eerie, the sounds of wolves hollering in the distance, a faint but singular scream coming from the dark and forebording house that I was to venture into. As I followed the path north, growing ever closer, I could feel chills reaching from the top of my head down to my toes. I creeper towards the house, the house creaking as if it is aware of my presence, leaving me with a vacant but profound feeling of complete horror. The night sky grew dark, the crows and ravens of the night cowering above me, screaching, a raging wind crashing upon the house. I knew I what had to be done though, for if not that very fact alone I would never have made it out alive.

    I began my descent into the house, into despair and sorrow, the living dead make attempt at my life from every which way, no matter the number I killed, these devilsh zombies craved my flesh but onward I pushed. Deeper.. and deeper.. and deeper, the dark and narrow corridors, candles flickering with my passing, whispers, creaks in the floor, overwhelmed as I furthered my descent into the haunted house. Fighting off the ghosts, the phanstasmal shades of the night, despair washing me over me I make my way to the tombs deep below the ground where the ghoul rests.

    The blackness of what seemed to be an eternal night blinding me, I stumble around the dark catacombs seeking out the Wicked ghost responsible for terrible horror inflicted upon this house in order to slay it, and lo there he was, feasting on what only looked to me like it could have been the last brave soul to venture deep into this pit of darkness.. What fate, perhaps even more fearful awaited me? for I knew now I had long past the point where I could go back, that time had long past.. I approached it, inch by inch, relentlessly I crept closer, it had not noticed me yet, or so I had thought. I took a step and beneath my foot felt the crushing of a bone, or what I presumed to be a bone perhaps of a previous victim, and with the noise created I was spotted. The wicked ghost quickly came after me with all its might, but being as prepared as I was, and making it all the way through such horrors, I quickly blasted him with a tornado I conjured up, bringing a swift end to the beast.

     Upon its death, the air, the vibes of the house, the creeping and terrifying monsters and sounds seem to have calmed, an ease has overcome the haunted house, as if at rest finally. The trip back to the surface was far more casual to say the least.. I returned to whom assigned me the task and was handsomely reward not only with a pocket full of gold, but also the strength to never turn back and overcome any challenge no matter the difficulty.