Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"A Tale from the seas" by Minaj
Date :9/26
  The sea has many tales: some big, some tall, some small,
and some never will be shared or known by anyone at all.
The sea can be compared with the sky.
Both blue in hue and never-ending in length and depth.

  I once heard that we as mortals swim in the water,
yet the Archon Angels swim high in the sky.
They protect and watch over us all,
as they look down below in memory of their past lives.

  Still the sea cannot be forgotten seperating land.
Even the toughest pirates get lost in it's entirety.
It's waters can be ice cold with waves of danger,
though in another moment may be silent and in waiting...

<b>... just what is it waiting for?

  To take a life? To harbor many species within? To provide our ships with travel? To provide oxygen for us to breathe? To hide it's secrets?

..... or perhaps it is waiting patiently to be admired for it's every-lasting beauty and mystique.  Maybe we aren't meant to discover it's past, only it's future.

..... perhaps it longs to hide it's sounds deep inside the hollow echo of an empty seashell, in hopes one of us will
find it...a moment of it's life captured...recorded...

<b>  - Pick it up,
<b>  - Press it to you're ear.

<b>.... Can you hear it?
.... The music of the ocean.
<b>.... Can you feel it?
.... The percussion of the waves as they crash....
.... The drum beats of the roaring riptide.

.... The soft foam left over from the current, glides
upon your barefeet, tickling your very toes.

.... This goes to show that the sea can be both harsh or
gentle if you catch it at the right time.  But only we can choose to take that risk.  The sea is a gamble.  A gamble that even the most experienced Merchants could lose at.

  So be safe brothers and sisters of the glorious Nexus.  
<b>Fore we must share our world with all things,
<b>including the sea.

                                         - Minaj Cho'