Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"A Golden Season" by Sabishii
Date :9/26
My golden season. A time of perfection. My happiest memories. The time when you were in my life, with your smiling face, beside me, with laughter in your voice, and love in your eyes.

We met one day, along the sandy shores of Dae. You were splashing in the waves which lapped along the beach while I, with my mind focused on a task at hand, was travelling past under the cover of stealth.

I did not feel like I had time to wait, with many things to do. But you engaged me with your smile, and your eyes, bluer than the ocean behind you, seemed to look directly into my soul. Your golden hair seemed the same color as the golden sands, and rustled gently in the breeze. Thoughts of my present urgency seemed to dissipate as our conversation grew, and with each passing minute, I found the tension in my shoulders loosening, and a smile creeping across my face.

I was wearing a gown of plain black, as I always did. Although it had been many years since I?d lost my family, and many years during which I had been alone, I still dressed in black every day.

Until... that day. Until I had a reason to smile, and a glow in my heart which lit my cheeks to a rosey hue.

Our conversation grew to an offer to share a packed lunch you?d brought to the ocean with you. You offered your cloak for me to sit on as we rested, side by side, facing out at the beautiful ocean. You were a perfect gentleman, keeping plenty of space between us, and your eyes, your ocean blue eyes, rarely left the scene before you to flicker to my own face. But when they did -- our eyes would lock. Although the scenery before me was so beautiful, I found myself staring at you more and more, never having seen such a handsome man before.

As the sea breeze caressed my face, your gaze eventually stayed still upon my own facade, until my cheeks grew very red and my eyes downcast, my shyness burning through the pleasantness of the day. You apologised to me, and begged for forgiveness, claiming my beauty was too much to resist. Having never been called beautiful before, I tried to brush you off and went to stand, but your hand grasped mine quickly and pulled me down beside you again. Your eyes were so earnest... your smile so sincere. I felt my heart give way a little, until a smile formed upon my lips. I was rewarded with a bashful grin of your own.

We parted ways shortly after, but met every day for the following weeks. We would meet on the shoreline, and then depart for trips to the Museum, or to visit nearby Hausson. Sometimes we would venture into Koguryo, and your hand might find mine, and we might while away the afternoon visiting the local shops.

I flourished in this season, this golden season with Wheat the colour of honey growing tall, Sunflowers reaching towards the sky, and Golden Sunsets blooming along the footpaths. I found reason to bring out an old wardrobe, filled with pinks, yellows, greens and blues. My skin took on a healthy glow as the days grew longer, and our love grew stronger.

Until, one day... you were not there.

I waited at the oceanside for you, but you did not come.

And when I rested against the beach, washing the waves lap beside me, your absence from me felt worse than being alone had ever done.

The next day, and the next, and the next, I returned to our spot on the shoreline. But still, you did not come.

And then I wandered through our old haunts, hoping to catch a glimpse of your smile, or your eyes, your tall form in the distance. But nothing.

My black gown became my staple, and I returned to my stealth-like travels. I avoided those around me, wondering why you had left me, or what could have kept you away. But like so many things in this life, I have never found an explanation.

Instead, all I can do is remember my golden season, our time together, your smile. Your blue eyes, like the ocean.