Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"What did the cloude say" by Gladly
Date :10/14
<b> What does the Cloud say?

 Up high in the sonhi mountains, a young mage stands alone, facing upwards with a wide smile upon his face, eyes closed, arms wide open.  His chest heaves with deep breaths, one after another, as if he were preparing to yell out to the heavens.

 "Beautiful!" He shouts, his voice echoing off the mountain walls.

 Still standing, in bliss, the mage lowers his head, looking forward.   To his amazement, a voice answered back, echoing once again off the mountain walls.

 "Do you speak of the sky, young one?"  It says.
 "The sky?" He thinks to himself, as a figure shows its form, upon a nearby peak.

 "What do you mean the sky?" The mage asks, reaching out with his voice.

 "The clouds, child.  What do they say to you?" The figure answers.

 "What do they say to me?" The mage thinks to himself, again.  After a quick deliberation, he answers back proudly;
 "Well I suppose, that one there tells me that a dark unhappy rain is coming."

 "That is not what I wanted to know, child.  I will give you an me, the same cloud tells me about nourishment, and life.  Think about this, young one." The figure retorts.

 With that comment, the figure steps down from its peak, and disappears into the mountains shadow.  The young mage deliberates long into the afternoon about what he had been told, and comes to a conclusion.   While he had seen a sad cloud, the figure had seen the potential of the rain.  Bringing a new life to the plants, water to the animals, and so much more. If he adopted this point of view for everything, the world would be a much lighter place.

- Gladly