Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"The Boy Who Wouldn't Die" By Vini
Date :10/27

<b>                  The Boy Who Wouldn't Die

It is easy to get caught up with fantastic stories of heroic deeds or exceptional achievements, but the stories of tragedy are truly the one which makes us cry.  Uncommon is when a story can fall to those three categories at same time:

This is the story about a boy named Tiz and the amazing life he had when he found out he couldn't die.

Tiz was the fourth child of a rich Han family and was much younger than his older brothers. When he was still a baby he caught a terrible pneumonia and that scared his parents to think how fragile he would grow to be. He grew his first 5 years locked in a room.

It was only after his father died that Tiz was allowed to exit the mansion for the first time and that was only when he was about eight years old. The cautious mother allowed him to play in the yard as his birthday gift, but how unlucky he was, right on his first day of flexibility, he caught a cold and locked again he was!

Tiz grew tired of being censored by his mother and older brothers. When he turned fifteen his mother had promised she would allow him to go see the Great Wall, but when the day came, the mother didn't allow him to go. The older brothers ll went with her to the trip they've been planning for so long.

Furious with how his family abandoned him on his own birthday, Tiz started breaking the old office of his belated father. In his anger he didn't realize he had dropped a candle at the carpet. Didn't take long until the fire started engulfing the whole house. The villagers around the house were in panic when they saw the huge mansion on fire, but were relief to hear that the "whole family" was out of home.

Took a day and a huge storm for the fire to finally end, but the mansion's state was a complete disaster. Some villagers began to ransack the house in hope to find some useful spoils from the rich family amidst the ruins of ash that the house had turned into. But it wasn't gold or goods that the villagers found when they entered house wrecks. They actually found Tiz, trapped under a fallen wooden pillar, groaning with pain.

The villagers removed Tiz from under the collapsed and burnt wood and for their surprise they found out he was in one piece, completely unscratched. "It's a miracle" the villagers, screamed. "The boy cannot die" pointed out the others. And so, it began the stories of Tiz, the boy who wouldn't die.

When his family returned, they were relief to hear that he was still save, but with their mansion destroyed and savings all stolen, they had nowhere to live. While his mother and brothers were worried about how things would be from that day forward, Tiz finally declared the independence he always hoped for. He took the clothes that were given to him and departure to an adventure of a life time!

First stop was at the Great Wall where he found out he could jump from high places and not break a single bone. Tiz, lived the life anyone would dream of. He decided to explore the world for decades, faced the heat of a volcanic island near Gogoon and the cold waters of Arctic Lands. Went far to the pyramids at western deserts, fought animals with bare hands and ate all sort of different food he could imagine. Feeling how amazing his life had turned into, he screamed loud out of his lungs "I am immortal!".

When he reached age of sixty years old, Tiz found himself without much energy for his adventures anymore and decided to return to his homeland seeking his family. Upon reaching the village he found out that his mother and his brothers had passed away.

Tiz then realized that he had lived a life of his dreams but realized that although he couldn't die, his whole family did and this forever broke his heart.

Since that day, he took up to himself the mission of helping young adventurers in their quests. No one ever heard of Tiz ever since, but some people believe he came to the lands of Koguryo and adopted a new name:

Author: Vini