Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"the 7th and final kingdom"
Date :11/5
"the 7th and final kingdom"

My final journal

Hyul 75, Winter- date unknown anymore

   This is my account of how I came to die in the Kingdom of the Seventh Sea. They picked the wrong one when they thought they could make me play their game.
    Last week I was diving for pearls off the coast of Dae Shore. Near sun down started having the feeling of being watched  while I was underwater. Quickly looking around I saw an old man watching me, his face quickly disappeared into the seaweed. After a long day of holding my breath diving, I dismissed it as an illusion of fatigue and went about my business. The next evening I was diving in the same place and saw the man again. This time he was simply standing there as if he could breathe underwater just fine. Beside him was a beautiful woman smiling at me. He held out his hand showing me several huge pearls. The man motioned to come take them from his hand.
    As my hand closed on the pearls I felt the strangest sensation. Instantly my body had less buoyancy and I knew I could breathe the water as if it were air. The older man introduced himself to me and promised me much more treasure and a proposition. He and the beautiful mermaid led me a short distance away to this beautiful kingdom I am now a prisoner in. Every building was beautiful pearl and polished silver. We had a wonderful feast; I could not believe my good fortune. The atmosphere was enchanted with music and dancing. I don't know if it was the wine or the food but at some point I fell asleep for a moment. When I woke up the feast was winding down. Eventually I had to ask what they wanted from me. Nothing! Can you believe it they wanted nothing! Then the old man started laughing....
    The mermaids beautiful human visage began to fade into a scaled fish head. She released the old man's cuff links and he began to scream of his freedom. I looked down and noticed someone had slipped the same type of cufflinks on me while I was asleep. I was to become their prisoner as the old man had been. I would later find out that o stay young the mermaids had to sap the youth from an unwitting human prisoner. I couldn't believe it I had been tricked so easily. The old man had pulled me into a trap just so he could escape.....

 The cycle will break with me. I refuse to play the game. The mermaids are careless and let me wander the grounds. I found a few herbs that when combined in a diet over a period of time should kill me. I cannot trick someone to take my place. I will pay the ultimate price for my greed.....hopefully I will find my redemption in the next life.......