Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Pursuit of Justice" By Sarphendon
Date :11/7
Pursuit of Justice

The road was dark and gloomy, gravel quietly crunched underfoot. A monotonous rhythm by which the traveler kept himself occupied. There are countless signs of abandoned civilization, villages empty, temples abandoned and left to disrepair. It isn't surprising; these lands have been at war for a long time.

Finally he sees it ahead, the main battle camp. The rest of his senses realize the location too, the sound of smiths forging blades, and soldiers hollering about. The smell of meats over fires, and the sweat of thousands of men crammed into temporary barracks. He finds a small clearing to the side of the gravel road. He abandons his pack, and removes his cloak. He now wears the robes of the soldiers he has been shadowing for the past day, more heavily decorated however, this officers uniform wasn't easy to come by, proven by the dried blood and holes along the chest. He takes a dagger from his belt, and closes his eyes. He grips the dagger tight with both hands, so tightly his fingers appear bone white.

He opens his eyes and quickly plunges the dagger into his upper chest. He stifles a scream, breaking a tooth in the process, and once more in the lower abdomen, mimicking the wounds of the poor soul who once wore this same uniform. The wounds aren't deep, but they bleed, and look convincing. The traveler catches his breath; his head a mess of red fog from the pain. He smears the mud of the road on his neck and face, and agonizingly makes his way to the camp below...

He awakens in a bed, his throat is dry and closed; he slowly begins to struggle and panic. A nearby attendant notices and quickly rushes to a large barrel of rain water collecting some in a ewer, he brings it to the disguised traveler and puts it to his mouth. Like a dying animal he drinks the water, immediately bringing relief to his dry throat, 'Have I gone too far with this act?' he wonders.

The attendant rushes off just outside the flaps of the tent. The Darkness claims he once more. He woke suddenly, to a firm hand at his shoulder, the attendant was over him, and the tent was filled with regally adorned soldiers. The generals honor guard. In marched the General, a well built man, with well maintained hair draw back into a tight bun, a mustache and goatee giving a noble arrogant appearance. He took a look at the traveler and without a word gave him a hard look up and down, what a pitiful sight he must have been to warrant the look of disgust on the Generals face. The General took seat on a stool beside the traveler and spoke into his ear.

"My, what great lengths you must have gone too just to meet me infiltrator." The traveler couldn't keep the appearance of shock from his face.

"Oh? Are you surprised? Did you not think I would recognize one of my own officers? Well whatever your mission is, you have failed, and you will die a failure"

As the general made to stand, the traveler reached out and grabbed the Generals arm. This caused an immediate reaction from his entourage, which the general quelled with a raising of his hand.

"If I can get into your camps, if I can reach out and touch you, then they can strike you down. If I can come so far as to defy you, then they can overthrow you. If.." The travelers' voice wavered and his voice went to an almost inaudible whisper, his grip on the general went soft.

The General leaned forward to hear the man's last words "...and if I can kill you, they might have justice!"

The general was suddenly aware of the traveler's ruse as the traveler took his belt dagger and plunged it into the Generals neck, the General reeled from the traveler. The General was shouting, and the medic was with him almost immediately. The traveler would never know if his plan succeeded, the General's guard had him dead within seconds, he never really did think to plan an escape.

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