Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"The forsakens" by Jioak
Date :11/13
The Forsakens

The name alone has given many a fears.. Freezing chills running through their spines, being paralyze by their seer presence.

A force to be reckoned with.. but we weren't always been feared. It's what they do to us, to our family and friends.. Our love ones.. That's what got us to be where we are at.

Many Yuris ago, foolish Prince decided to open our border.
I still ask myself why do we need to open the border?.
I have protested it. I have written many mails to prince. With each strokes of brush I grew more angry. 'Stop this' I told him. 'You don't know what you're doing' I have said too many times. 'You are going to get us killed' I have warned.
But it didn't matter. He opened it.

With the border open, many people came from every direction of every kingdom.
I recall I was sitting under the tree of northern gate. Watching them. Studying them. Glaring with a warning in my eyes. As more people came to our city, I grew more worried. I looked at children playing in a mud. Having time of their lives. I wish my life was more simple that I recall..

As night came, darkness start to settle. I picked up my sword and shield. It's time for me to settle in myself I thought.
Then I heard the screams. The screams of pain.. Screams of dying women and children. You should have heard it yourself. You will never forget the screams like that. It still haunt my soul and ears, and I think I still hear it to this day..

I jumped quickly and went to the direction of screaming. Then there were piles of bodies. PILES. Green grass no longer green, smear in color of red.  I looked for any survivor. There were none. I heard people laughing with jingling of coins. They murdered them for 150 coins. They MURDERED them for change of pockets.
I tried to lunge them with a sword but they quickly vanished. They have escaped.

I pounded my hands on the grounds with an anger. Anger that I have never felt before. My mind went into a rage. My body shaking from every emotions. I screamed at top of my lungs with a sorrow.

 To defend from foreigners, we have gather every able men and women. People who have lost their children. People who have lost their spouse. Who have lose their mother, father, siblings, and people who have lost it all. All these people who have lost everything, now are looking for a revenge. Looking for a justices and an answer. We have formed the clan of those who wish to get back to people who have killed our friends.

We became The Forsakens.

Under the bright leaderships, we became the force to be reckoned with. Not just because of our strength. But because of our motivate. Our desire to defend our city. Our desire to serve a justice to whoever have deserved it.

 So when you stare at the Forsakens next time, always remember:

 All of our fallen Nangens' soul will be with us, at all time. Rages of their burning soul will always be in our eyes, staring back at you.