Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Rare flower" by Citera
Date :11/30
  Four students arrived at an old temple which housed the wisest minds in all the kingdoms. Each student hoped to be accepted into the school and learn from the masters there. The head of the temple met with and posed to them this challenge:

  "Whichever one of you can bring to me the rarest flower I shall take on as a student."

  The students looked at each other puzzled. The rarest flower? Where would they find such a thing. They sat and pondered the request and one by one their eyes lit up and they went off to find it.

  The first student to leave came from a long line of gardners. She returned home and raided her family's garden, plucking over a dozen flowers, sure that one of these would be the rarest and she would be accepted as a student.

  The second, a young man having been born into a wealthy family decided to visit the flower shops all over town. He purchased each and every kind of flower imaginable, convinced that he would be the one to win.

  The third and forth students, a shy young girl and an eager young boy, set out to search the town and look for rare flowers. They searched garden after garden, flower box after flower box. Every time they thought they had a rare one, there were a dozen more just like it. They spent hours searching and the sky was starting to darken. The young girl, ashamed of her failure and afraid to face the master gave up and returned home. The young boy returned to the temple just in time to see the other two students meet with the headmaster.

  "Master," said the first, "I brought you every flower in my family's garden. Surely one of these is the one you are after." The master looked over the assortment of flowers and gave out a sigh. He hook his head and the girl sorrowfully walked home to an empty garden.

  The second student, the wealthy young man handed over a box full of flowers. There were over thirty different types. His eyes wide with excitement, "Master! There are more flowers here than I'd even heard of. One of these must be the rare and valuable flower that you seek, is it not?"

  The master of the temple carefully looked over each flower and shook his head again, "I'm afraid not. These may be valuable but they are not what I seek. The flower want is one of a kind, truly it has no equal." The boy sighed and grumbled his way home, not even bothering to take the flowers with him.

  The fourth student, the eager young boy, watched as the other two students were rejected. Knowing he had no rare flower at all, he placed his hands in his pockets and turned to leave. His fingers brushed upon a small leafy object. He retrieved it and found a small dried and torn flower. It was a gift from his baby sister. She had picked it many months ago and now the boy kept it for luck.

  He turned the flower over in his hand and smiled. He began to head home when he heard a voice behind him, "Do you not have anything to show me, young man?" The boy stopped, turned around and approached the temple's leader.  "Master, I am sorry I was not able to find any rare or valuable flower. All I have is this,"  He held up the crumbling flower in his palm,  "A gift from my sister. It is dried and falling apart but it is special to me so I keep it."

  The master smiled. "My, it really is crumbling isn't it? No student has ever presented with such a flower before. I dare say that it truly is one of a kind."  He paused for a moment,  "But I cannot accept something so valuable from you." The boy sighed, already prepared to return home.

  The master spoke again, "Why don't we make a deal. You keep the flower with you, and in turn as long as you are a part of this school so too it shall be." The young boy smiled widely, nodding his agreement.

. Citera .