Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Insanity" By Bocanegra
Date :12/28

<b>                     ~ Insanity ~

There is a reason why the moon does not fully show itself every single night. We should honestly be thankful for that, otherwise ALL of our nights would be full of crime and insanity, as often observed during full moon nights. The sun, on the otherhand, does not cause ill events to take place on Earth, thus it is allowed to show its full form in the daytime sky.

When the world was young, both the sun and the moon were allowed to show themselves fully during their respective time periods of reign throughout the day. The world back then was a far different place than the one we live in now. Wars broke out constantly as empires fell and rose, and fell and rose again and again every few years. There was practically no stability at all.

Many attempts were made politically to remedy the conflicts, however none were ever suffessful. People from all nations: soldiers, royals, civilians, and children alike, were constantly being killed as a result of these atrocious wars.

A group of ritualists felt that enough was enough! They hypothesized that the reason for all these conflicts must come from a supernatural origin, as many wise Kings themselves threw away peace opportunities to continue the warfare. The ritualists felt that some force was controlling the minds of people, leading them to fight endlessly.

The ritualists ventured into the wilderness and found a nice, quiet spot. They looked up at the full moon, ever-present in the night sky. They set up their ritual aparatus in an attempt to seek guidance from the spirit world. With the touch of the moonlight, they focused their minds and bodies to act as a conduit to allow spirits to occupy their bodies and instill visions in them, thus rendering communication possible.

After several hours, the ritualists discovered that the chaos and madness was caused by an evil spirit used the moon to control people. To combat this, they performed a ritual that completely destroyed this spirit.

The world was saved!!! Or was it?

Nights now were completely dark as there was no moon ever in the night sky. After the sun's daily reign ended, there was no more light until sunrise again. This darkness caused massive confusion and paranoia, causing mass suicides and hysteria.

The ritualists decided that they had to resurrect that evil spirit that they had slain, except they had to find a way to control its powers. They put a magic spell on the spirit, which weakened its power. From then on, the moon could only be its most potent once in a while. This way, civilizations could remain at peace and any chaos or insanity that may take place during the full moon day can be mitigated or suppressed.

Now, the moon slowly shows more of itself, until it shows its full self during the full moon. This, in turn, caused the early world to begin to foster friendships between nations, some of which became Buya, Nagnang, and Kugnae today. If the daily full moon had continued, none of us would be here, and humanity would most likely have been destroyed!

- Bocanegra