Board :Warriors
Author :Warrior Tutor AzNCloudBoi
Subject :Info - Minor Quest Locations
Date :5/5
<b>Creature:             Where to find:

Big bat               Buya Rat Cave (0016,0078)

Big rat               Buya (0016,0078) or
                     Kugnae (0047,0112) Rat Cave

Black skeleton        Vale Skeleton Cave (0169,0077)

Blood mantis          Kugnae Rabbit Cave (0195,0140)

Blood tick            Buya Rabbit Cave (0112,0126)

Blood wolf            Wilderness

Dark buck             Buya Rabbit Cave (0112,0126)

Deathwish             Vale Polar Bear Cave (0112,0161)

Deer(Buck)            Buya or Kugnae

Fierce mouse          Kugnae (0047,0112) Rat Cave

Giant iron tiger      Wilderness Iron Labyrinth/Gim Yi's Den

Giant mantis          Kugnae Rabbit Cave (0195,0140)

Giant spider          Kugnae Spider Cave (0079,0035)

Gim Yi                Wilderness Iron Labyrinth/Gim Yi's Den

Golden lobster        Wilderness Lobster Cave (0074,0001)

Green squirrel        Leviathan area south of Nagnang.

Horse                 Northwest corner of Kugnae or Buya

Iron tiger            Wilderness Iron Labyrinth (0055,0169)

Large centipede       Buya Rat Cave (0016,0078)

Lava fox              Buya Fox Cave (0124,0144)

Lightning wolf        Buya Fox Cave (0124,0144)

Massive scorpion      Kugnae Spider Cave (0079,0035)

Mud bull              Kugnae Snake Cave (0199,0069)

Mythic dog            Any Dog in Mythic Dog Caves

Mythic dragon         Any Dragon in Mythic Dragon Caves

Mythic horse          Any Horse in Mythic Horse Caves

Mythic monkey         Any Monkey in Mythic Monkey Caves

Mythic ox             Any Ox in Mythic Ox Caves

Mythic pig            Any Pig in Mythic Pig Caves

Mythic rabbit         Any Rabbit in Mythic Rabbit Caves

Mythic rat            Any Rat in Mythic Rat Caves

Mythic rooster        Any Rooster in Mythic Rooster Caves

Mythic sheep          Any Sheep in Mythic Sheep Caves

Mythic snake          Any Snake in Mythic Snake Caves

Mythic tiger          Any Tiger in Mythic Tiger Caves

Pale scorpion         Kugnae Spider Cave (0079,0035)

Pale zombie           Kugnae Haunted House/1st Outer Room

Polar bear            Vale Polar Bear Cave (0112,0161)

Radiant spider        Kugnae Spider Cave (0079,0035)

Rat                   Buya (0016,0078) or
                      Kugnae (0047,0112) Rat Cave

Ravenous bird         Kugnae Rabbit Cave (0195,0140)

Red hare              Kugnae Rabbit Cave (0195,0140)

Rock lobster          Wilderness Lobster Cave (0074,0001)

Sand lobster          Wilderness Lobster Cave (0074,0001)

Seki                  Buya Sute Cave (0103,0023)

Skeleton Ja           Vale Skeleton Cave (0169,0077)

Skeleton Je           Vale Skeleton Cave (0169,0077)

Skeleton Ji           Vale Skeleton Cave (0169,0077)

Skeleton Sa           Vale Skeleton Cave (0169,0077)

Snow beast            Vale Polar Bear Cave (0112,0161)

Sun fox               Buya (0124,0144) or
                      Kugnae (0019,0164) Fox Cave

Trapdoor spider       Kugnae Spider Cave (0079,0035)

Warthog               Kugnae Snake Cave  (0199,0069)

White wolf            Buya Fox Cave (0124,0144)

Wicked ghost          Buya Haunted House (0009,0065)

Witch                 Kugnae Haunted House/Inner Rooms

Witch shaman          Kugnae Haunted House/Inner Rooms

Yachi                 Buya Sute Cave (0103,0023)

Thanks to ChangMin