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Author :Warrior Tutor AzNCloudBoi
Subject :-|==> Warrior War Training -|==>
Date :8/23
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<b>                   W   a   r   r   i   o   r

<b>                          W   a   r

<b>                  T   r   a   i   n   i   n  g

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Greetings Warriors,

There will be training available to all Warrior that are in interest. We will be starting from the very basic beginning so that everyone can start at the same level. Which means that anyone that hasn't wielded a sword correctly will become very advance after finishing these classes.

These classes will be taught on a private basis and at the end of the course, we will be having a comprehensive final to see if you have really learned well. Those who have completed my classes will earn a nice reward to prove that you have completed my war training class.

Remember this training is for all sizes and age. Even if you don't like to fight, I suggest you come to learn a few things. If you show up then I'll make sure you learn something. Good luck to you all and hope to see you all in class.

If you are interested please mail me and we will schedule a convenient time to meet up.

                                       Koguryo Warrior Tutor,

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