Board :Warriors
Author :Warrior Tutor AzNCloudBoi
Subject :Chung Ryong Rage 6 Change
Date :11/26
Recent update has changed some spells in the kingdoms. It is not sure yet if this is will be permanent or just a bug, but there was a change in Chung Ryong's Rage.

It was always known that when Rage 6 ends our vitality and mana drops to 1. Recent update changed that. We now drop to 10% of our health (not maximum) and have no mana penalty(taken away) when our rage ends.

This is a good addition to Chung Ryongs.
- When rage ends, it is much safer. If soloing something small, you don't have to gate!
- Poets don't have to spire you, because you have no mana.

Happy safe hunting to all those Rage 6's. Looks like we don't have to die as much anymore!

Nagnang Warrior Tutor