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Author :Warrior Tutor Deimos
Subject :Info: 4th Mark Sa san.
Date :2/20
Level Required : 99
Prerequisite : 1,280,000 Vitality or 640,000 Mana
Karma Needed : Angel tear (For FL / SOE)

How to Begin : Making it by the Forever tree

Steps :

Your first task is to make it to Bon-Hwa in the forever tree area.
Once you make it, click on Bon-Hwa

You will see an option that says "Sa san". Choose it.

Attaining the Rank of Sa san gives you an option for more spells, but at a cost. You have to complete a certain number of trials in order to reach the rank.

With each trial completed you will recieve a legend mark that says you completed it. Once you complete them all, they will disappear and be replaced by a final mark which shows your new rank. More than one trial can be completed at a time.. In fact, some people like to complete most/all of the trials and have the stuff ready so they don't have to go through the Forever tree many times.

Trial of Sacrifice

Sacrifice 200,000 vita or 100,000 mana to Bon-Hwa.
(Others can sacrifice their stats for you. You can give any ratio as long as it adds
up to 200k vita or 100k mana overall Example: 150k/25k split)

Trial of Knowledge

10 billion experience
(Others can sacrifice their experience for you. Give in 1,000,000,000 increments)

Trial of Dedication

Bonded sun armor & wind armors
(Since you lose them, it is recommended that you do this one last!)

Trial of Spirit

Bonded Faerie Light or bonded Staff of elements.
(It does not take item; you get to keep them. You only need to have one or the other in your possession.)

Trial of Wealth

10,000,000 coins

Trial of Endurance

400+ minor quests

Trial of Persistence

Defeat the Malvolent Clan
You must defeat all 50 houses and receive this legend mark:

Trial of Skill

This is a two part trial.
Defeat Nngh'Zan's Council Members

Defeat Nngh'Zan

You may visit Bon-Hwa in between each trial, or do several at a time. Once every trial is complete, you will attain the rank of Sa san.

Items Lost to Sacrifice :
Bonded Sun & Wind Armors [Trial of Dedication]
10,000,000 Coins [Trial of Wealth]

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice :
- 10,000,000 ( 10 Billion ) Experience [Trial of Knowledge]
- Defeat the Malovent Clan - [Trial of Persistence]
- 200,000 Vitality or 100,000 Mana - [Trial of Sacrifice]
- Defeat Nngh'Zan and his council members - [Trial of Skill]

Rewards :
- A new legend mark!

- A star next to your name on the Heros list and movement above all those who don't have a star.
- The Ability to use Bon-Hwa Immortality to boost stats (Unknown heights)
- Enchanting a Weapon through Bon-Hwa immortality now makes it "Sa san" instead of Enchanted, which is even stronger!
- Subpath members can forge an Sa san Version of their items! (Where applicable).

 Credits to NexusAtlas for providing the information.

                 Warrior Tutor Deimos