Board :Warriors
Author :Warrior Tutor Deimos
Subject :=Warrior Illusion Challenge=
Date :6/30
 Illusion Challenge.

         Warriors around the Kingdoms, for those of you
  who do not know what the Illusion trials are, they are
  in a nutshell a test of your skills and prowess as a
   warrior. By fighting through 7 levels of trials, you
   prove yourself a true Warrior Master and will join those
  who have come before you on the Warrior Board....

         For those who already know well, of these Illusion
  trials, listen well. At long last the gods have granted
  the mark of Completed the Illusion trials, and it will
   appear on the legend as so. There is a long list of
   warriors who have completed these trials. You have earned
  your name on the board, but I challenge you to repeat
  your victory in order to earn the mark upon your legend!

         No Warrior will be handed this mark for free,
  regardless of previous glory. The shall prove him or
  herself once more, in the Tutorial hall to pass these
   Illusion Trials and bare the mark of it on their

        The Illusion challenges are tweaked to meet
  the power cells of Ilsan + Fighters. Mythic bosses
  will be thrown in the equation to complete the trial.


Sa san division

Level 1- Multiple Spring Illusions + 2 Rab3
Level 2           Summer           + 2 Mon3
Level 3           Autumn           + 2 Dog3
Level 7           Earth            + 2 Ox3

                  Seek us out for private lessons but come
   prepared. If you already mastered the illusion trials,
   I expect you a master in the arts, and to fight as such.


<b>                 Senior Warrior Tutor Deimos.