Board :Warriors
Author :Warrior Tutor Demil
Subject :Subpath - Barbarian (Information)
Date :7/30
Barbarians from around the lands follow the same traits as their ancestors have many years ago.  Barbarians from Buya, Kugnae, Nagnang, the Neutral lands, and many other areas share the same traits:  Protect your brethren, humble your foes, survive all challenges.

   A temper of a Barbarian ranges from Barbarian to Barbarian.  When angered, the Barbarian's rage could last hours, days, months, even years.  The personality of the Barbarian is what controls how he reacts to a threat to himself, which is usually violent.

  Grudges against other groups, people, organizations, or towns may last for a long time.  Once you have angered a Barbarian, it is rather hard to get his trust back once again from him.  An Enemy to one Barbarian is an enemy to the rest of his brethren.  A person who is marked an enemy of the Barbarians is not to be looked upon as proud, but more as marked for death by their hands.

  In addition to grudges held against others, Barbarians refer to their most hated enemy as a Townie.  Most of the Barbarian Ancestors were of Sonhi Origin.  Most Barbarians still speak like Sonhi, yet should never be considered 'stupid', which usually leads that laughing man to his grave.

  The Clans are not a place for ANY barbarian.  A Barbarian needs no civilian or city support.  His brethren, strong back, and his determination to survive all challenges is all he needs in his mind.  For a barbarian to join forces with anything representing the cities is to be looked on in shame.  The barbarians do not need clans; they are survivors, not politicians, not sheep, not townies.

  Survival is the strongest trait of any Barbarian.  'Simple Survivor' is what they are.  They can last extremely long lengths of time without help from other people.  Their superior skill in hunting, scavenging, knowledge of plants and lands put them ahead of any Townsman in the trial of survival.

  Barbarians have pride in being the best skilled warriors who are the rulers and leaders of their own fate and path.  Their honor is held for their brothering whom they protect with and trust with their lives.

  Along with their pride, they are a close bunch of warriors. They think of their brethren, as family and put them before anyone else.  A threat to one Barbarian is a threat to his family and pride, which become not a private matter, but now, a family matter to us.

  Brothers and sisters all alike help on another.  From the little debates, to the biggest of fights, Barbarians will always, and have always stood by one another in unity through the thin and thick, the barbarians always had each other to talk to and rely on.

   Their strong bond, quick thinking, temper, and pride put them above the rest.  They think as individuals, fight as one, and act in unity. They are Barbarians, Survivors alone, and unstoppable as one.

Written by IceManABK
-Edited by Winder