Board :Warriors
Author :Warrior Tutor Demil
Subject :Subpath - Barbarian (Joining the Horde)
Date :7/30
In one word, a Barbarian is a survivor. Barbarians survive all challenges, have a strong bond with one another, treat each other equally and with respect, and face challenges that fall before us together.

However, unlike many others who make the claim, we are a true family, one that sticks together through thick and through thin. If you wish to seek us out to train and join us, you must be prepared to make that sort of sacrifice.

You are born a barbarian; you are either one or are not. Do you feel the rage inside your heart? The endurance and will to fight to the end? The bond of family? Do you feel you have the devotion and commitment to survive in such a family? Then you may have barbarian blood flowing through your veins. There is no "application" or "form" to fill out that can express this bond or commitment, so there is no application to join us.

So, how do you begin your journey home? The Barbarian cave is located at ((27, 17)), slightly east of the entrance to the wilderness from Buya, and slightly west of Ranger's famed Trapper's Paradise. Come visit us, meet Genghis khan, and take a copy of our runes to read over and learn of our history and legends. Act as you feel a barbarian should, come to the aid of your brethren, participate in our events, show your dedication, and one of our guides will approach you to aid you on your journey home. We approach you for training, you do not approach us.

However, in order for us to approach you, you must commit yourself to these guidelines. Do not sit there wondering why no one approaches you to aid your journey. Commit yourself to these guidelines.

Remain ((in character)) anytime while you are in public.
Never attack a member of The Horde. They are your future brethren.
Aid your brethren to the best of your ability when called upon.
You may not live in Koguryo, Buya, or Nagnang, you must live in the depths of the Wilderness for us to contact you. (Neutral)
You may not be apart of any clan or army, official or unofficial.
You may not be apart of the Do, the Chongunate, or the Chung ryongs.
You must adhere to our branding policy, which is actually not as bad as I make it seem, really, it isn't.

While Barbarians many times do not heed to the laws the kingdoms force upon its populous, we do care about some of the crimes you have committed. Namely, crimes that show a lack of integrity or honesty and those revealing "thieving instincts"

Those with brands for Theft, banishment from Revels, and those known to be scammers will not be considered.

Any Serious other or Bug abuse brands that revolve around some sort of Scam, Thievery, or Profit shall remove you from consideration.

All other brands are handled on a case-by-case basis. Removed brands will cause us to reconsider you, as will extremely old brandings.

Those with Enemy of Barbarians are not considered.

Those with any negative sub-path mark belonging to the Rangers, Geomancers, or Druids will be handled on a case-by-case basis. In almost all of these cases, you will be required to have the mark removed first.

All other negative sub-path marks are handled on a case-by-case basis (including Dishonorable trader) where we will contact the sub-path in question and find out the reason behind your branding. We will then decide a course of action.

With regards,
The Horde

The Merciless