Board :Warriors
Author :Warrior Tutor Demil
Subject :Subpath - Do (To those seeking the Do)
Date :7/30
You want to know how to be invited into the path of the Do?
To do so takes patience, dedication, commitment, a desire to learn and just a little bit of Humility.

To train as a Do in their Dojong takes just what was mentioned above. You need to be invited by one of the Masters of the Do path, or Elder to join the Dojong. Do guides select warriors or Do seekers that they feel show a little knowledge about the path, have the right attributes that will allow them to be comfortable walking as a Do, and an eagerness to learn. They ask them to become their students, then Guide them through the process of becoming a full Do walker.

How do you acheive this?
First, learn about what it is to walk as a Do. Learn the basics of the path. How do you learn these things? You can purchase an Ancient parchment from any Do member (it will cost you a Fox blade) Another fine source is talking to members of the Do path. (Any member is acceptable) Asking them questions as to why they live the Do way, what Do seek to learn, what their goal in their life  is and how they plan to achieve it etc..  Then compare this to who you are. Not everyone is Do, or find it comfortable living as a Do. It is always most important you find the path that best suits you.

When you feel that you know a little of the Do, and what it is they seek in life you can contact a guide seeking to gain further insight and knowledge into the Do path. Remember that a Do Master won't just accept you as a student the first time you ask just because you feel you are ready. You first need to allow the Guide(s) to get to know you. Acheiving this takes a little time. Approach respectfully, knowing that they have other things they too need to do, so may not always be free to talk with you personally.

Ask questions about the parchment to help you learn better, and share what knowledge you learn from the walkers and ask their opinions. When the Do master is ready they will inform you if they will take you as a student, or suggest you look at other paths that could be more suited to what you seek. Even a rejection can be learned from and be used to help you change or grow.

"If you seek the Do path as the goal, you will never acheive it."

"Be True to your Path, Be True to your Blade, but most Importantly Be True to Yourself."

As written by Masters Klanx and Shaeleigh.