Board :Warriors
Author :Warrior Tutor Demil
Subject :Subpath - Chongun (Information)
Date :7/30
The Chonguns are a virtuous group of warriors who endeavour to ensure order and justice in the lands they pass. They protect their community, defend the kingdoms, and keep the peace.

In order to sustain and achieve peace, the Chonguns study the Art of War, which provides insight to develop strategies when situations of danger arise. Their discipline as military strategists influences all aspects of a Chongun's life, leading them to carefully evaluate all their actions. A Chongun is always seeking knowledge, always willing to learn, always ready to teach, and always mindful that patience is vital in carrying out their responsibilities.

Wisdom, gallantry, and perseverance are core traits that unite them. This is evidenced in a Chongun performing their duties with the utmost competence and dedication. They fight for what they believe is right, try their best in every way possible, and never give in to their fear.

A Chongun is devoted to aiding those in need. They do not concern themselves with a person's wealth, prowess, or social standing and aid all those guided by ethics and morality. A Chongun respects others, whether friend or foe. They know that honesty leads to success and will spread this belief. They are unconcerned with wealth or status, believing them to only be useful if necessary to perform their duties. They are never taken by greed or anger, always control their emotions, and their feelings to achieve perfection in their duties. They are loyal to their comrades and united by their oath to uphold the creed.