Board :Warriors
Author :Warrior Tutor Demil
Subject :Subpath - Chongun (Joining the Chongunate)
Date :7/30
A Chongun is a military leader, a sworn protector of a section of land. The Chongunate within the three kingdoms have sworn to protect the kingdoms and all citizens who dwell within. They hold no allegiance to a single kingdom and do not serve the rulers of any kingdom. In addition to protecting the kingdoms many Chonguns dedicate themselves to other causes. Whether it be a group of people or a singular ideal a Chongun dedicates his or her life to it's protection.

<b>Eligibility to train as an aspirant

To be eligible for entry into the Chongunate the following requirements must be fulfilled throughout your training as an aspirant.

 - May only follow the path of a Warrior or Chung Ryong
 - May not harbor any negative justice or Chongun brandings
 - You should be in good standing with all subpaths. The
    Chongunate strives to cultivate strong relationships with
    all subpaths and does not wish to endanger these
    relationships. Ideally you should carry no red brand from
    any subpath. If you hold such brandings please contact the
    Regent of Internal Affairs to discuss whether you can
    begin training. If you feel unsatisfied with your
    interactions with the Regent please contact the Avatar.

<b>New aspirants

For those who have never been Chonguns and wish to begin training send a letter describing a bit about yourself to a Magistrate or Regent of your choosing. Please refer to the posting 'The Guide Circle' in the Kwanhonsagje for a listing of active trainers.

With this background story, also include your desired intentions and goals of what you wish to do once within the path.

<b>Returning Chonguns

If you have previously left the path you must send a letter of return to the Regent of Internal Affairs.

Your letter must state:
 - Why you left the path
 - Why you wish to return
 - What your intentions are if granted approval to return

Your letter will be reviewed by the Chongun Lords and Ladies. It will be assessed for honesty concerning your reasons for leaving and sincerity regarding your future intentions. This process intends to give all former Chonguns the opportunity to return to the path but by no means guarantees that you will be allowed to return.

You should receive a response from your letter within two weeks. Please wait patiently during this time. If after two weeks you have not received a response you may contact the Regent of Internal Affairs for the status of your application. If you do not hear back from the Regent or feel you are being treated unfairly please contact the Avatar.

All returning Chonguns will have to be re-trained as Aspirants. This is non-negotiable and it is important you understand this before seeking to return.

In the event you are disallowed to return you may reapply after ((3 months)).