Board :Warriors
Author :Head Tutor KoyaSoto
Subject :Info - Tiger Mail Quest
Date :7/30

The Tiger Mail quest can be done in Tangun or Buya.  In Tangun, speak with your Guildmaster about 'Tiger Essence', and then visit the Home of Fang ((048, 211)) in Tangun to start the quest.

Level: Tiger mail:               Items required:
----   ----------               ----------------
1*   Tiger Mail...........1 Antler, War Plate Mail
10   Jade Tiger Mail......Tiger Mail, Gold Acorn, Jade WPM
20   Royal Tiger Mail.....Jade Tiger Mail, Fox blade, Royal WPM
30   Sky Tiger Mail.......Royal Tiger Mail, 1 Amber, Sky WPM
40   Ancient Tiger Mail..Sky Tiger Mail, Moon blade, Ancient WPM
50   Blood Tiger Mail..Ancient Tiger Mail, Maxcaliber, Blood WPM
60   Earth Tiger Mail....Blood Tiger Mail, Electra, Earth WPM

Note: WPM = War Plate Mail
Just say "Chongun" to the Tiger once you have aquired all the items to receieve your next Tiger or Tigress Mail.

*Tiger mail appraises at level 1, but the quest cannot be started till level 6. Therefore, noone will be able to wear it before level 6, realisitically.

Armor                     Stats on Armor                               TNL penalty
------                     ----------------                              ------------
Tiger Mail or          40k Dura, -12 AC, Hit +1,             +664 TNL
Tigress                  Healing=None, Vita +100

Jade T.M. or          60k Dura, -18 AC, Hit+2,              +2,556 TNL
Jade Tigress         Healing 1, Vita +200

Royal T.M. or        70k Dura, -21 AC, Hit +2,             +11,200 TNL
Royal Tigress       Healing 1, Vita +400

Sky T.M. or           110k Dura, -26 AC, Hit +2,           +34,784 TNL
Sky Tigress          Healing 1, Vita +800

Ancient T.M. or    220k Dura, -28 AC, Hit +3,             +70,344 TNL
Ancient Tigress   Healing 1, Vita +1,000

Blood T.M. or        340k Dura, -31 AC, Hit +3,           +178,032 TNL
Blood Tigress       Healing 1, Vita +1,500

Earth T.M. or        560k Dura, -34 AC, Hit +3,           +428,544 TNL
Earth Tigress       Healing 1, Vita +2,500

In addition to aquiring all the items for each respective Tiger mail / Tigress, you also sacrifice by giving up some experience, thus the TNL penalty listed to the far right.
Also even though each Tiger mail / Tigress is questable at each 10th level they are NON-Bonded and wearable at the 6th levels.
(Example: At level 20 you can quest for the Royal T.M. but it is wearable at level 16)

T.M. = Tiger Mail
Dura = Durability
AC = Armor Class
TNL = (experience needed) To (get to the) Next Level

Info by -SF- Seoulfire, Braincrese, and updated H23 by KoyaSoto.