Board :Warriors
Author :Warrior Tutor Murchadh
Subject :Info - Warrior Tutor list
Date :6/5

This is a memorial dedicated to all the past Warrior Tutors to recognize the efforts of teaching the hundreds warriors around these lands. Here it has a chronological list ordered with the past and present Warrior tutors of Nagnang, Buya and Koguryo.

<b>Nagnang Warrior Tutors:
  1st: Guldar
  2nd: DarkMaverick
   3rd: MythicTenchi
  4th: SoulHunter
   5th: Monchichi
  6th: LeXington
  7th: AzNCloudBoi
  8th: Nyurota
  9th: Kazi  (Present Tutor)

<b>Buya Warrior Tutors:
  1st: Vasili
  2nd: Glove
  3rd: Kowe
  4th: BTG
  5th: Brancrese
  6th: Gildenstar
  7th: Veggs
  8th: ShinsenGumi
  9th: SoulHunter
 10th: Exere
 11th: LeXington
  12th: Exere
 13th: ShindanMusan
 14th: FPickleDog
 15th: Yttribium
  16th: Murchadh (formerly MightyNymph)  (Present Tutor)

<b>Koguryo Warrior Tutors:
  1st: Vanq
   2nd: Jdawgx
   3rd: Kowe
   4th: Ixeus
  5th: Erisa
  6th: WestLee
  7th: Guldar
  8th: Vini
  9th: Exere
  10th: RCMP
 11th: KoyaSoto
 12th: AzNCloudBoi
 13th: TuhanBaik  (Present Tutor)