Board :Warriors
Author :Warrior Tutor RCMP
Subject :Feral Bersker revised
Date :12/2
While the single shot damage is better, if you average it out over a minute, it is a little disappointing.

For a one million vita warrior (making it easy to calculate), the old berserk does 75% damage, with 12 second aethers.

This means, for a 1m vita warrior, you may berserk 5 times in a minute, for 750k damage. This will do a total of 3.75m damage over the course of that minute.

For the same 1m vita warrior, using the new Feral Berserk, you will do approximately .85x damage, every 16 seconds, meaning you will only be able to fit in 3 in a minute, but we'll say you'd be able to squeeze in 4 attacks.

4 x 850k damage = 3.400m damage over one minute.

This means while the single shot output may be improved (good for carnages), this attack combined with a good poet will actually slow you down in a hunt, compared to the old berserk. This is especially true if you're able to one hit your targets where you usually hunt with the old berserk.

So, upgrading your berserk might actually result in you doing less damage in your hunts, as compared to the berserk we're used to.


Figure changed to .85x as opposed to .878x, after further testing. The figure seems to be .85007, but the 007 is small enough to ignore. It seems that there is a slight variation in results you may get, but this is usually negligible. This is believed to be due to rounding in Nexus's mathematics.