Board :Warriors
Author :Warrior Tutor Yttribium
Subject :Attraction Wars - Rules (Tutor event)
Date :4/12
<b>Event:  Attraction wars!
All paths, all levels (at least have a zap) can participate
Team Size must be 4.

You may assemble your own teams prior to event starting.
1 from each path if preferable.
<b>MUST have at least 1 ee san+ in your group, or strong Il san.
That person will be your captain.

1st place team wins : Tutor event winner mark!
2nd place team wins : Tutor participation mark!

To be the first team to die!  Add up points for all 5 rounds for the game.

1st team dead: 3 points!
2nd team dead: 2 points!
3rd team dead: 1 point!

In situation that looks like a tie, the CHAT LOG will be used to determine who died last.  This is final!

If the one on your team (on the limestone) dies LAST, you will score 1 point, regardless where you finish.
(see diagram below for what is meant by this)

The rules MAY look complex, they are VERY simple.  
<b>Simple version is:

1.  Be first to die by the bosses hand.
<b>   -it must say  "XYZ has fallen to Spirit [boss].
  -exception to that is if ANOTHER team kills you.
   That team killing you will also receive a penalty.
2.  You can attack a boss any way you can to get attention.
3.  Don't kill yourself, or team mates, or any person!
4.  Don't heal or cast spells on each other (ASV incl.)
5.  Don't move.
6.  No whirlwind. (due to candies/kwi) too much of an unfair advantage.
7.  If another team KILLS an opposing team, the killer will lose 1 point.

But to CLARIFY what I mean by those 6 rules, please read this:

-Zap the boss any way you can.
-vita each other - but remember the death penalties.
-use BS on yourself to lower vita, careful to not suicide.
-Inferno, be careful to not suicide
-Be naked

<b> YOU may NOT:
-Cast any spells (vitas, invoking) until round begins.
-Hellfire* (see explanation at bottom of post)
-Heal, asv, buff or anything positive/negative on each other
-question rulings that are posted here.
-doze,sleep,para,blind confuse the bosses (or doze opponents)
-kill the boss

There will be 5 rounds per match!  
The most points win at the end of the game.

Healing/buffing/debuffing  : -1   (healing,asv,sc)
Suicide                    : -2
Self-team-kill             : -2
Killing a boss             : -1
Hellfire                   : -1
Killing a person (any team): -1
(basically doing any of the "You may NOT" on list below)
MOVING : WARNING, then -1 for another infringment.

<b>Playing field:

     w x x x          s
                 w    s
 x               x    s
 x       B       x    s
 x               x    s
w                    s
       x x x w
x = team members.
w = white square member.
B = Boss spawn point.
s = spectators (always must have a gap of 2 between Spectators and players), spectators must be dead.