Board :Warriors
Author :Warrior Tutor Yttribium
Subject :Armour Class and you.
Date :4/21
Greetings everyone,

 I thought I should make a post about how AC works for the new comers (and even old timers) of the game.  I am trying to keep this as simple as possible and using examples where possible.

Simply put, AC ranges from +100 to -128.  It will show you have +127 AC if you are below -128, but rest assured, your ac is NOT 127 (Thanks snack for helping me verify this)

Your base AC (naked) is +100 - level

All damage done is calculated on "0 ac" which is unaltered damage.  The basic formula for damage output is:

Damage x (1 + ac/100) = Actual damage
<b>+75 ac
1,000 x (1 + 75/100) = 1,000 x 1.75 = 1,750

<b>-45 ac
1,000 x (1 + (-45)/100) = 1,000 x 0.55 = 550

Simply put, AC absorbs damage when negative, and magnifies damage when plus.

In this respect it's clear that 1ac = 1% of the 0ac damage it takes away.  

<b>So you may think, what does 1ac matter?
It doesn't matter much if you're already very low, since 1,000 damage 990 damage is pretty much pittance (difference between 0 and -1)  
But at -80ac that 1,000 damage is only 200.  And at -70ac that damage is 300.  That's 50% MORE damage you're taking with only 10ac difference.

This effect is hyperbolic, where proportion of damage done closer to 100% absorbtion is larger the closer it is to -100.

<b>Other notes:
Humans are capped at -80ac and mobs are capped at -95ac.
Meaning you'll take 200 damage at -80 and -90 ac.  The only reason -90 is better to have is, when you are scourged, you are at -40 not -30.