Board :Warriors
Author :Warrior Tutor Yttribium
Subject :Weapon Damage Breakdown
Date :5/9
Weapons have S/L, S is currently only used.  L as far as known is not implemented.

S will be short for  x M y  where x is lower end and y higher end.  E.g. 200m600 is 200 least, 600 most.  You can work each individually to find your values.


[(S/2) * Ingr + Dam * 2.5 + Mgt/8 + 9] * (Rage * Inv) * Crit

Crit: 1 or 3 (1 for regular, 3 for crit)

Unaligned name (Level) : Ingress value

Infuse (55 (W))                 : 2  
Ingress (70 (W)                 : 3
Viper's Venom (Il San (W))      : 4
Dragon's flame (Ee San (W))     : 6
Dragon's Harness (Sam San (W))  : 8
Chung Ryong's Wrath (Sa San (W)): 10

Rage 1  :  8
Rage 2  :  14
Rage 3  :  20
Rage 4  :  26
Rage 5  :  36
Rage 6  :  81

Invis   : 9

Crit    : 3

Special note: The dura you lose on your hand held weapon when you hit your target is equal to the multiplying factor of the rage.

[(S/2)*Ingr + Dam * 2.5 + Might/8 + 7.5] * (Cnn * Inv * crit)

Unaligned name (Level) : Ingress value

Baekho's Rage (Il San (R))     : 1.5
Baekho's Blade (Ee San (R))    : 2
Blade's Charm (Sam San (R))    : 3
Baekho's Subterfuge (Sa San (R): 4

Cunn 1  :  6   Sanc effect:  0%  Let through (1)
Cunn 2  :  7   Sanc effect:  8%  Let through (0.92)
Cunn 3  :  9   Sanc effect: 16%  Let through (0.84)
Cunn 4  :  10  Sanc effect: 24%  Let through (0.76)
Cunn 5  :  12  Sanc effect: 32%  Let through (0.68)

Invis : 9

Special note for cunning, the % Sanc, is when a rogue does not have sanctuary from potion or spell caster.  The personal-sanc of Baekho kicks in.  
Damage Taken including AC * LetThrough
1000 damage taken, at cunning 3 -> 1000 * 0.84 = 840 damage.

<b>Special note about hit and dam
<b>On Hit
Hit combats grace.   The more hit you have the more likely you are to hit something.  The more grace you have the less likely is you will get hit.  However, AC also affects your avoid a little, but is combatted by might, therefore, the more might you have the better your chances are of hitting a strong AC target.
It is the combination of Hit and Might, affect your ability to hit a target overall.

<b>On Dam
As you can see in the formula above, every dam you get affects your final output by only 2.5, a fixed number, not a %.  2.5 vita damage at 0ac.  That's not a whole lot, but remember this number does get multiplied by rage, invis and direction of attack and crits.  At sam san and above, and weapon damaging (S) average of over 200, dam is worth very little.
So basically, the lower your weapon damage, the bigger DAM effect becomes.

<b>Extra notes:
Hitting from front and sides, do not affect the output.
Hitting from behind doubles the damage.
Spells like berserk,ww,karak,etc, their power is completely unaffected by the position relative to the target.
Flank only hits a 1 target to the left or right per swing, not both.  (Random).

<b>PA notes:

PA and HPA have no modifiers (right up close or 2 squares away)
MPA has a 2x modifier.

However, PAs have the added advantage of having BACK and FLANK be 2x damage as opposed to only the front.
Diagonals have frontal effect or back effect depending on orientation of your hitting.

<b>New note regarding Flame Spear from Asmodi 2 event:

<b>They do not have multipliers for range.
The diagonals have 50% chance of being hit. If only flank is running the diagonals only have 25% hit chance (behind you).

Damage calculator is available on request.  (It's still a little ugly looking but it does work :)

Thanks to all who helped me retest this
Rubi - Helping me reestablish cunning % effects.
TheSavior,moekong, TalonikiZ, LordofWars, Xellos, Logorin, Snikrot  - Helping me test the reg. PA factors.
Sarphendon - Helping me painfully test the effect of Flame Spear effects and re-evaulating calculator :)
Lizette - For helping me finish this Asmodi quest!
Alizarin Clan - For helping me with a lot of items!