Board :Welcome to the Nexus
Author :Archon Primogen Maiyu
Subject :Your Status Screen
Date :4/11
When you click on your character, you are greeted by a menu on your right:
<b>Character Information
/                 \   ~Path: What path you belong to.
|  (path)  (name)   |  ~Name: Your name.
|   Title:----------|  ~Title: This is your title.
|  Clan: -----------| ~Clan: This shows what clan you are in.
|   C.T.: ----------|~C.T.:This shows your title in your clan.
|       \O/     E   |  ~E: Exchange off/on.* This function                                                  
|        Y      G   |   allows others to exchange with you.
|      _/ \_        |    Click on it to disable/enable.
|-------------------   ~G: Group off/on.* This function
|w: weapon          |  allows others to group you. Click on it
|a: armor           |  to change group off/on status.
|l: LHand           |
|r: RHand           |
|[: Script          | <-- LHand Subaccessory  
|]: Script2         |<--- RHand Subaccessory              
 \________________ /                        
~w, a, l, r, Script1, Script 2: These are your equipped                                           items.  

*To equip something, double click the item in your inventory (i) or type 'w' or 'u' and then the letter of the item in your inventory.
*By pressing <page down> or -> you will view your equipped items in equipment slots.
*And by pressing <page down> or -> again you will access your character's profile. You can design your own profile by pressing Menu -> Profile.
*<page down> or -> again and you will see your legend.
<b>Spell Status Box
--> Directly below your Character information is a 'spell status box.' This box informs you of what spells are cast on you and the duration until the spell expires. Separated by dashes, a timer is shown on spells that have a "wait time" or "aethers" until it can be cast again.
<b> Status Screen
Press 's' and you will see your equiped armor screen again, but when you press <page down> or the -> arrow this time, you will view your character's "status screen":
/                 \        
|(Clan) _____      |
|(C.T.) ______     |Nation: Your home (Kingdom or Neutral)  
|                  |Totem: The totem guardian you are allied
|Nation      Totem |     with. You will receive crafting and
|Partner           |     exp benefits during your "totem time"    
|                  |Partner: Name of your spouse or
|MGT     GRC    WIL|     blood brother/sister
|AC  --            | <--  
|Damage     Hit    | <--    See below  
|Next Level        | <--        
|Max Vita          | <--
|Max Mana          | <--      
*Might (MGT) - Your strength; increases as you level. Some weapons require a certain amount of strength in order to use it.
*Grace (GRC) - Your ability to dodge an attack; increases as you level  
*Will (WIL) - Your ability to focus your magic attack with less failure; increases as you level.
*AC: Your current Armor class. The lower the better because you will take less damage.
*DAM: Your Damage level.  This goes up as you level.
*HIT: Your Hit level.  This goes up as you level.
*NEXT LEVL: How much experience left before your next level ("insight"). The maximum level is 99. Afterwards you will trade in experience for more vita, mana, grace, will, and/or might.
*VITA: How much Vitality you have; 0 means you died.
*MANA: How much Mana you have. When you have 0, you can't cast spells.

Original 4.0 edition by AnglerFish
Edited and Updated 5.0/6.0 edition by Maiyu