Board :Welcome to the Nexus
Author :Archon Primogen Maiyu
Subject :Registering: Elixir wars and more
Date :8/29
There are many benefits to registering your account and advancing your character beyond level 50. After registering you will be able to participate in the many events that take place on a daily basis within the Nexus. You'll find that there is always something new to do, explore, or experience!

One of your first stops outside of Tangun should be the popular Elixir War event. Elixir Wars are the Nexus version of Capture the Flag. In this event, two teams compete for each other's Elixir (flag) with bows and arrows!

Elixir War's are a great way to compete with other players because they only require quick legs and sharp eyes. In the Nexus you will find that not all events require the latest gear or highest level to enjoy or become competitive in!

Check out the latest screen shots of the Elixir War event and register your account at today!

Author: Drywater
       Head Carnage Host