Board :Welcome to the Nexus
Author :Shajara
Subject :Selling/Buying items - Using Exchange
Date :6/8
PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW THIS INFORMATION! If this information keeps one person from losing their hard earned cash or items it's worth it.

1)  When buying/trading/selling ALWAYS use exchange.  A person's exchange feature doesn't suddenly break.  If they refuse to use exchange, don't deal with them.  "Only a scammer wouldn't use exchange" ((To turn on exchange, press 's' and click the two hand symbol located to the right of your characters image.))

2)  When selling an item, if you enter the wrong amount of coins or an incorrect item, click on cancel and retry the transaction. If you have agreed on a purchase, sale or trade, and the other person doesn't put what was agreed to in the exchange box, just click the cancel button.  Chances are, if it's a scammer, you won't get the items from him later.  Don't believe someone if they say "this item can't be exchanged, or can't be placed in exchange". Once you click on 'ok' you have agreed to the exchange.

3)  If you are purchasing an item that could possibly be quested (ie: armors, white moon axe, fairy light, totem helm), you will notice "BONDED" next to the item. This means that the item can only be worn by the person who did the quest for it. If you purchase a bonded item you will loose whatever you paid for it and have a useless item.

4)  If they are around and available ask a merchant guide to act as a middleman for your transaction.  (Their status as a guide will be inscribed into their legend.)  In their position, they should be more than trustworthy in dealing with large sums and expensive items.  When in doubt take screenshots (scroll lock key).

5)  Also, beware peasants selling expensive items.  If a lvl 10 player is selling a non-quested sun gown SOMETHING IS WRONG!  Use the above guidelines to be certain it isn't bonded.  

Using these simple guidelines can save you a lot of trouble and money.
Happy shopping.