Board :Welcome to the Nexus
Author :Welcome
Subject :What is the Nexus?
Date :12/29
Nexus the Kingdom of the Winds is a magical land, set in ancient Korea. It is what you make of it.  Full of opportunity for each person to forge their own unique path.  Each starts as a peasant, but a world of opportunity awaits.  Shall you become the greatest among your guild?  Will your legend stretch across time or be wiped away by the aetheric chaos?  The decision lies completely with you.  There are many paths to follow, you may choose the basic direction you will follow at level 5.  Warrior, rogue, mage, and poet.  Each has it's own unique characteristics. (More information may be found at F1 choosing a path).  As you gain insight you may find your path shifting to one of the subpaths.  For those more interested in role playing the player run subpaths are available.  For those that desire the strength without the role, the NPC subpaths are available.   One may join a clan or army.  Perhaps you will find and marry your true love?  Under the apprenticeship of one of the shopkeepers you may learn a skill and hone it to mastery of your craft.  You may perhaps become a tutor of your path, teaching those younger the skills they need for survival.  A career in law may await if you prove to be worthy to train to be a judge. Here the lowest may rise to be the most powerful.  Your legend is waiting to be written.