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Author :Welcome
Subject :Some things to get you started
Date :12/29
After you complete the initial tutorial you will be taken to the tutors home in the country that you have chosen to reside in.  To begin the tutors quest click on him.  (In fact, much information can be gathered by clicking things, try clicking on various things in the kingdom.) He will teach you how to do many everyday things that you will use throughout your time here.   With each successfully completed quest you will gain insight and possibly some items to add to your inventory.
There is much to be learned in this time in your life.  Get to know the kingdom, its people and its shopkeepers.  This knowledge will prove most helpful in the future.

What things mean.

Several symbols surround your screen.  Many of these will, when right clicked show what they mean.  The lower right hand corner of your screen contains information about your character.  You can right click each of these to see what they are.  Essentially your hit and mana points are the most important here.  As the bars lower you are losing points.  If you run out of hit points you may die.  If this happens, remember 'Death is not the end' by pressing F1 then Silver thread, you may journey to the Shaman that keeps the secrets of resurrection.    
In the far right bottom of your screen are numbers.  These show your position on the map.

Just above the character information box is a screen that keeps record of spells cast by and on you, various actions you take, as well as the names of things you may click on.  Occasionally you may see a surprise here as you venture through the lands.

The larger box just above this is where your status, spells and inventory are displayed.  The horizontal line of symbols just above the text area of your screen are used for various things.  The first symbol on the left is the 'lag beast' indicator.  The rest can be right clicked for further information.  At the top of your screen you will see the name of the room or map that you are currently in.  To the right of the top is the in game clock.  Right clicking this will give you the current in game time.