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Author :Welcome
Subject :Proper conduct
Date :12/29
All the laws of the Kingdom are posted on the Law board.  The boards can be viewed by pressing 'b' on your keyboard or clicking the scroll icon on the lower section of your screen.  As a citizen you are responsible for learning and obeying the laws of the land.  Most are common sense and are covered by 'Treat others like you want to be treated.'   Remember, this is considered a family game and offences to that atmosphere are not tolerated.    If it is not considered acceptable by current American public standards for a six year old child to view it, it is not acceptable in the kingdom. The in game justice system handles complaints and cases of citizens breaking the law.

Some basic laws that you need to know are these:
  You may not steal.  Stealing is defined as taking something that does not belong to you.  Under NO circumstances is stealing legal.  At times you will come across items on the ground, there are a few objects that appear that are free for the taking such as apples, chestnuts, and the occasional penny.  If you find a pile of items laying on the ground it is often the sign that a player has met their match in a creature and have been whisked off to the nearby Shaman for resurrection.  Some of your items will drop when you die.  These items are cursed for a time period (only their owner can pick them up) after that it is still NOT legal for another to take them.

The same applies to creatures that drop items when they are killed.  If you did not attack the creature first (normal creatures, read hunting law for clarification) you are not entitled to any items it drops.  At this early stage you will be going primarily after creatures that roam the towns.   For example if someone else attacks and kills a squirrel you may NOT take any acorns it drops unless the person gives you permission to take them.

Profanity, swearing, harassment or other similar conduct is not permitted in the kingdom.  There are blocks in place to stop the most profane words and persons attempting to disable this will not be tolerated.  Punishments include but are not limited to, warnings, jailing, banishment from a kingdom, up to banishment from the game.  You will find it hard to enjoy all the aspects of the game with a branding for crime.