Board :Welcome to the Nexus
Author :Welcome
Subject :Protecting yourself
Date :12/29
Unfortunately, just as in real life, there are elements in the Nexus society that do not have your best interests at heart.  Some would prey on the ignorance of uninformed players.  Many of the same rules to avoid scams in real life apply here as well.  If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Be cautious with what you purchase from others.  Most items in the kingdom have level/path restrictions on them.  Many items may be bonded to their owner making them useless for any another to use.  Other items may not be repairable, beware of items that are not at 100% when trading. Your best source of information regarding in game items is often a merchant.  Try asking around about something you wish to buy.  Don't rely on a witness provided by the seller.

Some claim to have a way to duplicate your items.  Duplicating is not only generally not possible, it is also illegal and punishable as bug abuse.  Don't put your items on the ground to show them off, as some people may use their abilities to remove you from your item.  If transferring items between you characters (for those with multiple character accounts) use the parcel service found at the messenger shop. (F1 will give you coordinates) If you drop an item and return on another character you run a high risk of someone else picking it up.

Some may claim to have a program that you can download that will give unlimited wealth, god mode, or various upgrades to the game.  Any legitimate upgrade to the game will only be available through the Nexus website.  Any programs that others offer you are generally virus or keystroke recorders that will make your password available to whoever sent the program.
When in doubt about something you are told, ask around.  Most players will help or provide information.