Board :Welcome to the Nexus
Author :Welcome
Subject :Helpful hints
Date :12/29
Get to know people, introduce yourself, don't make a nuisance of yourself or make unwanted offers/requests.  Many people in the kingdom are role players and will not respond to statements made out of character (ooc.) Do not beg for money or items, many people will help you with information, but frown on beggers.  There are many ways to support yourself here and begging will only teach you to depend on others.

The best way to gain insight is to group with others and hunt.  Two persons attacking a deer will conquer much more quickly than one.  (And are less likely to die in the attempt!)  Stock up on rabbit meat in your inventory, when you are hit by a creature you can use this to refill your health.  Many areas in the Nexus you will not be able to adventure in until you are of a higher insight.  This helps protect you from meeting your death too quickly.

A good source of income for lower level players is gathering acorns and selling them to the butcher.  A full inventory of acorns means 1000 coins in your pocket after a trip to the butcher.  Use the banking feature found at the inns.  Click the female NPC (non player character) and she will offer to hold your items for a small fee.  It's best to deposit anything that has value that you don't wish to lose and are not actively using.  (Ambers, various spell ingredients, ect.)  It is also best to deposit all the money that you are not going to be using in the immediate future.  It costs nothing to deposit coins.  You never know when you may run into something much stronger than it looks.

Go into the various shops and see what is offered for sale.  See if the shopkeepers are buying anything that you may be carrying with you.  They will confirm the price they will buy an item for before making the transaction.  Stock up on yellow scrolls from the innkeeper, they are cheap to purchase and will whisk you to the safety of the inn if you find yourself in danger and use one.  While at the inn you may want to purchase a jug of wine to supply you with mana when your magical abilities are drained.  You will find many items you can purchase that will have significant value to you, and some that are seemingly worthless.